Spring Into Action

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By Eric Noel RomanAs winter comes to a close and spring bounces into fruition, this is a perfect time to renew yourself. Even though in South Florida we really don’t…

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Feeling Lucky

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By Eric Noel RomanThe wind is so calming, cooling, and refreshing. I feel it flowing through my four leaves and brushing against my skinny stem. I could not ask for…

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Cupid’s Arrow

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By Eric Noel Roman An arrow shoots across the room and hits its target. Quickly follows a second shot and hits the second target almost simultaneously. The two targets see…

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Journey Through Space

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By Eric Noel RomanWelcome to the start of the new year. We have made it around the sun safely and this ship is still running strong. Hurtling through space in…

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Spoil Me, Baby!

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By Eric Noel Roman The holiday season is upon us. It is time to be grateful for everything you have, and then it is time to show your loved ones…

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Sway Freely

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By Eric Noel RomanAs I sit and try to come up with a topic to write about, I find it hard to think of something. For the last six months…

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By Eric Noel RomanHi! Thank you for stopping by, I am so happy to see you picked up this six billion piece puzzle. Glad you have interest in putting together…

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New Beginning

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By Eric Noel RomanAfter twenty years of building a strong image and career, it has all been essentially erased. Everywhere you turn a new story of the end appears. A…

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Buzz Makes Music

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By Eric Noel RomanI push a button on the keyboard of my laptop; a loud buzz emits from my studio speakers. All I can do is wince and think, "How…

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“I’m Bored.”

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By Eric Noel RomanI have been sitting at home during this pandemic, isolated, and waiting for the world to restart. Three months of not working, all malls and stores closed,…

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Alone No More

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By Eric Noel Roman Do you ever sit and question your solitude? With the rise of our current issue over COVID-19 people have been isolated from each other. Self quarantine,…

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Running with Rats

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By Eric Noel RomanThe temperature is typical for a January evening, it is Saturday night, Sunday morning 2:00AM. I just finished working and am sitting in the Aventura Mall parking…

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Time to Paint

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By Eric Noel RomanI get a notice on my door that says I have to remove some items from my balcony because it violates rules and regulations. I look outside…

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What is Love?

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By Eric Noel Roman I love music. It is the center of my life. So much that I turned my love for music into my career. I am not a…

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Think of Goals

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By Eric Noel Roman Did you know that "being a nicer person," and "learning something new," are some of the top resolutions for the new year. Alongside the obvious "lose…

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