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Invest in Happiness

By Eric Noel Roman

Is it possible to discover happiness by seeing others gain the happiness you seek? As I have been on my journey called life, I have done and bought many things that made me happy.

These things made me happy for that moment. This is the reason why we work, right? Put in a bit of time to gain financial strength to afford some things we enjoy. Not to say that many of us also work extremely hard to pay our basics. However, there are times that splurging on ourselves is acceptable and a reward for hard work is merited.

During my experiences, I have had a great group to push me along and help see the way when things were not at their best. I noticed that while helping these people, they were happier than ever to see me conquer issues I have had.

I took that observation and began to do the same. As I went along I helped others just as I was helped. Whether someone needed a pat on the back, or a few dollars to buy a trinket, I gave it. The reward went far beyond the investment.

Eric Noel Roman DJ, obstacle racer, motivational writer from North Miami Beach, living life one day at a time, and making a difference one person at a time.