Trust Him Before You Don’t
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Trust Him Before You Don’t

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By On & Dave Mekahel Cederberg

Trust is complex and fickle. Trust is like the personal assistant to love. It’s necessary for any relationship, carrying love along, but it doesn’t quite come with all the glory and feel good accolades that love receives. No matter who you are, trust is definitely an issue worth exploring in your life. If you can hash out and understand where you fall in relation to it (i.e., how do you live it), trust can be something that you  navigate in a safe and productive way.  

Once you have trust figured out for yourself – the next most important place that you will need to instill it – your partner and your relationship. In some cases trust is earned, but that is usually pertaining to an individual or institution that loses it within an existing relationship; or if they have  been previously labeled untrustworthy. In your romantic relationship,  however, this approach is toxic if your partner has never done anything to violate trust. Testing your partner in order to see if they are worthy of your trust is bonkers. And it probably means the relationship is doomed. If you don’t trust your partner, then you never really trusted yourself to pick them  in the first place. 

Crap flows downhill. To the opposite effect, instilling full blown trust in one another from 

day one, no questions asked, is where the bountiful harvest lies. This  concept is something to keep on simmer in your mind, as it will be necessary to re-visit from time to time as life presents its imminent  challenges, and you or your partner are faced with situations where trust  might be challenged, or even come into question. When those instances pop up, in order to arrive at the healthiest emotional juncture for yourself  and your relationship, implementing trust just because you trust your  partner is a totally valid rationale. Getting to this place is like holding the black AmEx card of trust. It knows few limits. The bond of two people engaging in wholehearted trust between each other will only grow the love between them, strengthening the relationship, helping to clear the  pathway toward forever. 

Trust holds every relationship intact. Some feel that it is earned, while others give it willingly. No matter the approach, the end result is the same  – someone (or thing) is trustworthy, until they’re not. The best way to conquer trust and use it to your advantage is to give it without condition  and in good faith. After all, the world is much more palatable when we  assume the best in each other, even if sometimes it has the potential to hurt a little.