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Cupid’s Arrow

By Eric Noel Roman

An arrow shoots across the room and hits its target. Quickly follows a second shot and hits the second target almost simultaneously. The two targets see each other and it is love at first sight. Ah yes, another accurate shot, fired by yours truly, the forever cherub, and always dressed for the occasion, the one and only, Cupid.

Every year I go around shooting couples with these special arrows, from my charmed bow. Like clockwork, the couples see each other and the enchantment begins. You cannot imagine how rewarding it is to see others loving each other. To have a day dedicated to spreading nothing but love. Every year, millions of people fall in love with each other. What a wonderful theme dedicated to me.

With so many people falling in love with each other I cannot help but wonder if I am able to eventually find love myself. Living my love life is quite odd. You cannot imagine how hard it is to meet someone when your only outfit is a diaper. Seems like I might not have help changing it ever. Also, look at me, I am chubby, pale, and turn bright red for just about anything from sunburns to blushing. Would anyone want to really commit to a baby? That’s it, give me my bow and arrow. I am going to do it. Time to self inflict this on me. I am pulling the arrow back and I am shooting myself with it.

Oh my goodness! I just stuck myself with this arrow! How the heck is this a good feeling? I should go look at a mirror, make sure I didn’t do any serious damage. Oh man, who is that in the mirror? I see a gorgeous, plump, young guy wearing the cutest underwear. Hello, handsome! Love at first sight.

Wait a second. That is my reflection. I love who I see. I feel great for what I am. Time to spread this love with everyone.

How much more rewarding my job has now become. Since I have seen myself in the mirror and begun loving me, my duties have become more fulfilling. I have met a second cherub just like me and we go around doing our jobs way more efficient. Two arrows go out at once and we make a great team. People are much happier to see us, and we are more confident that our fashion, though maybe outdated, is ours.

The moral? Love yourself before you love others. With self-love your beauty shines and attracts others to you.

Eric Noel Roman DJ, obstacle racer, motivational writer from North Miami Beach, living life one day at a time, and making a difference one person at a time.