Journey Through Space

Journey Through Space

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By Eric Noel Roman

Welcome to the start of the new year. We have made it around the sun safely and this ship is still running strong. Hurtling through space in an unknown direction, having all sorts of space debris being cast in our way. Oddly enough, we seem to either dodge it or have the debris not penetrate our outer layers.

Amazing that the universe is essentially infinite. We float around in space exploring our surroundings somewhat aimlessly. We know that all galaxies are moving in a pattern and our solar system is moving accordingly as well. Some scientists say that the universe is expanding, others say it is collapsing within itself. Either way it’s on a path and there is no real explanation where we will be. Within our solar system we have planets revolving around us keeping us entertained and safe from space obstacles.

As we travel through space there are times where we get presented with issues like comets and asteroids coming close to our vessel and potentially causing some serious damage to our internal ecosystem. There have been times where our lovely neighboring planets have absorbed some of these attacks. We should seriously thank them. Other times these projectiles make it through and actually manage to come into our atmosphere. Good thing we have that thick layer that helps slow down or dissipate the space debris.

As we take our path in life, we as people have no clue where or what is the next step, or in which direction that next step is. However, there are great people that we have surrounding us. Just like planets, these people are there to help us in tough times, or be a part of our fun times. There are times that we have a poor decision or make a mistake. These are the times that we prepare for. These are the times where our thick skin helps us cope and move forward with our journey.

There will be times where we are bombarded from all directions. This is when we must look at our friends and family and not only seek comfort but must learn from them as well. Each member of our solar system presents a strength and we should attempt to gain a portion of this strength for our arsenal. This way when we are presented with similar obstacles we have the tools to help us pass the hard time.

Just like the universe, life is a dark place with no real direction. We move along learning, experiencing, defending, and evolving the entire way. Go along your path in life loving and enjoying those friends that make up your solar system. They all add something special and wonderful to your galaxy.

Eric Noel Roman DJ, obstacle racer, motivational writer from North Miami Beach, living life one day at a time, and making a difference one person at a time.