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Thinking Cap Theatre: The Play Readers’ Series: Race on the American Stage

For the past year, while theaters have been and largely remain closed due to the pandemic, theatre artists across the United States have been finally and fittingly preoccupied with addressing issues of racism and sexism within their individual and organizational practices; in short, 2020 was a year of looking inward, reflecting, and transforming. With a new year now here, it’s time to look outward and bring our theatre audiences more centrally into the conversations that will come to define this moment in American theatre history. For those yearning to experience theatre again in a meaningful way, Thinking Cap Theatre has a special invitation just for you: the Play Readers’ Series, a new series designed to reengage the hearts and minds of theatre audiences and to reunite audiences with theatre artists. The first theme in the Play Readers’ Series will be Race on the American Stage. This installment of the Series will feature three groundbreaking plays: THE AMERICA PLAY (1994) by Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks,  SLAVE PLAY (2019, recipient of 12 Tony nominations) by Jeremy O’Harris, and FAIRVIEW (2018) by Pulitzer Prize winner Jackie Sibblies Drury. In this new, ongoing series, participants will read plays centered on a particular theme and convene once a month for seminars with guided discussions led by TCT’s Artistic Director, Nicole Stodard, Ph.D., who curated the Series. “Were it not for the pandemic, the plays in this installment of the Readers’ Series would be playing on our stages right now, and no doubt, when theaters reopen, they will be. However, the critical issues raised in these plays and the innovative ways in which the playwrights explore race in America cannot wait to be experienced and discussed by audiences and artists” says Stodard. An accomplished panel of artists will join Stodard and speak from the Black perspective to the themes in the plays that comprise the 3-month long series; these artists include Stephon Duncan, Carey Brianna Hart, Karen Stephens, and Kent Chambers-Wilson.

Seminar Dates:

The American Play: Sunday, January 31st, 3-5pm EST

Slave Play: Sunday, February 28th, 3-5pm EST

Fairview: Sunday, March 28, 3-5pm EST

Running Time of Each Seminar: 2 hours

Format: The Readers’ Series will meet over Zoom. Participants will be provided Zoom links to
each seminar directly from TCT’s Managing Director, Bree-Anna Obst, after purchasing
tickets to the Series.

1. Reserve Tickets to the Series via Eventbrite:
2. Purchase the plays; links to purchase the plays new or used are provided on the
Eventbrite registration page.
3. Read the plays and review the discussion questions provided by TCT in advance of
each Seminar.
4. Log onto Zoom on the day of each Seminar.



$30 for all 3 sessions in the Readers’ Series on Race on the American Stage
$15 per session
*The above prices are valid for both individuals and couples. In other words, couples do
not need purchase additional tickets.
**Please note that the Readers’ Series is NOT a play reading series; accordingly, there
will not be conventional readings of entire plays. Instead, this Series is intended to

engage the minds of readers, encourage critical investigation of meaning and dramatic
form, and provide an informed, empathetic, and safe context for guided conversation.




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