Who am I?

Who am I?

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By Eric Noel Roman

Plan ahead, prepare for the future, and remember life is fast paced. Always have a backup plan and give it your best all the time. Living life in the red line is engraved in our brains from day one. Staying focused, working hard, and moving forward are all great themes that help in the process of life and growing. However, it is also a great idea to tap those brakes. Slow down and soak in all of the sites in life.


Recently, I began to look at myself and explore my world. I began my journey as a regular guy pushing my hardest to be happy and balanced. I pushed hard to become a great obstacle racer, ultra marathoner, athlete, and excel in my career as a DJ. All of these accomplishments took time, drive, and determination. I was taking my spare time to work hard on my goals. Fast pace life, working in the night clubs, coming home early in the morning, sleeping three hours, only to bounce back up and train for various races. The routine is set. This led to many great discoveries of myself. I found that my potential is only limited to my own restrictions. Depression slowly crept back into the shadows; self awareness also helped to remove negative thoughts, but I was still somewhat lost.


I had hit another bump in my road. What is missing? Ultimately, I realized, after listening to a few self-improvement audiobooks, that I was neglecting myself as I am. My body improved, my mind sharper than ever. Still, I kept asking myself, “Who am I?”


My identity was missing. I fit into the worlds in which I had placed myself. As a DJ, I have become locally known and am still ever expanding. As an athlete, people are inspired by the weight loss and finishing some of the more difficult races in the Spartan series. Am I an athlete? Am I a party animal? Let’s face it, these worlds do not mix. However, through self-exploration I realized that it’s a balance. There are times as a top athlete I enjoy to let go and enjoy the party. In turn, the party has to stop and I have my body to hone. I added a third step to my routine. I now take time to be sure that my balance is present. I check to see how happy I am. There is no shame in living life enjoying all of the fruits.

This is not a talent only I possess. Everyone has this skill. To keep your engine running strong, tap the brakes. Ask yourself everyday, “Am I happy?”


Be proud of anything you accomplish. Stop once in awhile to celebrate your discoveries. Take the time to see if your actions make you happy. Balancing life is an important maintenance to keep that engine running strong. There is no shame in acting as two or more roles. We are dynamic and we should lead dynamic lives.

Eric Noel Roman DJ, obstacle racer, motivational writer from North Miami Beach, living life one day at a time, and making a difference one person at a time.