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Take Pride

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

In the month of June, we celebrate Pride.  In what are all the things you take pride?  Your career, relationship, home, car, physical body, spiritual self, education, friendships?  These are all the things that can make up our quality of life.  

We are made for so much more than just to survive each life daily, but to enjoy all that we have been given and all that we have worked so hard for.

The world has changed so quickly in the last few weeks.  Much of the pain and isolation from 2020 is disappearing and as we enter the second half of 2021, our future does look bright.  Be excited for what is to come and what the universe will bring us. 

So today, this month of June, be proud of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what goals you can set for your future.  Leave all your mistakes in the past.  This is your year.

I want to thank everyone that has helped me and OutClique through the pandemic and into 2021. You are each loved and cherished friends.  Three cheers for a bright future.  May happiness be abounding

Steven O, Evans, PhD

Editor in Chief