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Is Happiness Abounding?

Even in the Tough Times?

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

It was just a few weeks ago that I told Arthur, my best friend and Senior Associate Editor for the magazine, these exact words: “You know, I have more hope for the future than I’ve had in a long time.” It’s hope that keeps us going. 

Our world has drastically changed since then. Rather than being out on the town or seeing a show tonight, Athur, his boyfriend, and I are home playing the Golden Girl version of Monopoly, while watching the show streaming in the background. We are having fun, but it’s not our typical boys night out. 

Today I watched a live video concert from the home of Michael W. Smith. It was inspiring as he played his keyboard with a few friends. But how different from the concert I had watched at Christmas, in which he played on TV with a full choir and orchestra. I watched another video of Sandy Patti tonight. She has been an inspiration for me personally and for much of church music. In the video, she talked about her contraction of the COVID-19 virus.

Sunday, I was not physically in church. Instead, I watched the live stream of Sunshine Cathedral. I later watched my other churches’ broadcasts by Holy Angels and the United Church of Christ. They were a blessing. But also a reminder that gathering as a congregation is truly a unique experience.

It’s strange to sit home and not hear our symphony, see our shows, go to our clubs, eat at our restaurants, or even just have a relaxing day at our wonderful beaches. 

But I am confident that we, not just the LGBTQ community, not just America, but our entire world will get through this. We will come out stronger and better. We will grieve from our losses, but we will also learn from our mistakes. 

There are resources available. Reach out to friends or some of the health institutions we have listed. Use this time to meditate, relax, spend time with loved ones, and maybe, just maybe, slow down and enjoy the chance to reflect on life. You’ll be surprised at the blessings that will come to mind.

I’ll echo again, even in these times of uncertainty, the words of my dear departed friend, Dr. Angela Easterday, “Is happiness abounding?” 

Dear friends, be encouraged. We’re all in this together.

Steven O. Evans, PhD

Publisher & Editor in Chief