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Photo credit Seferino Garcia

Starlet Skye, the Eagle’s Favorite Bearded Queen

By Denny Patterson

Originally from Kent in southeastern England, Starlet Skye moved to the U.S. seven years ago to be with a guy she met. Although the relationship didn’t work out, her love for South Florida remained. Skye quickly made a name for herself within the drag community and is now a resident performer at Eagle Wilton Manors. Always hoping to make audiences smile, she is a showgirl who knows how to have fun and entertain. Plus, who doesn’t love a bearded queen?

OutClique caught up with Skye to talk more about her drag and style.

Denny Patterson: Can you begin by telling us when and how you discovered your passion for drag?
Starlet Skye: My first time in drag was when I was 16 years old. My first boyfriend was a drag queen and he dressed me up for fun. He saw I was pretty good at it, and then we put a double act together.

DP: You are a bearded queen. What made you decide to choose that style of drag, and are there many bearded queens in the South Florida drag community?
SS: I actually grew the beard while stuck at home during the pandemic. I thought, why not? I like how my drag style looks with the beard and I’ve never grown one before. So, I’ve adapted my style of drag to accommodate the beard, but I love that it’s a new challenge for me. Plus, I just won my first national title of “America’s Bearded Queen!” Here in South Florida, there are a few bearded queens. They are appearing slowly but surely.  

DP: Do you think bearded queens are becoming more common in the drag scene overall?
SS: Yes, I’m a firm believer that entertainment is entertainment, and it’s becoming more common. Why shouldn’t it? Times have changed. Equality for all!

Starlet Skye
Photo credit Seferino Garcia

DP: How do you respond when people claim that bearded queens are just messy and unpolished?
SS: I’m not messy or unpolished, I just have a beard! You can be messy and unpolished without a beard, too. It’s just a form of entertainment. People take drag too seriously. It’s just a job like being a clown. 

DP: We can primarily see you perform at Eagle Wilton Manors. What kind of shows do you do?
SS: I host my own show at Eagle on Sunday called Sunday Service, featuring the iconic Erika Norell and Daisy DeadPetals, amongst others. It’s a fun filled adult show where we drink, laugh, and it’s so exciting to do.

DP: Eagle is a leather bar. What is it about leathermen that you find so attractive and appealing?
SS: I’ve always liked leathermen. I can’t describe what it is. Just something about seeing a hot guy head-to-toe in leather gets me going [laughs].

DP: What are some of your interests outside of drag?
SS: I like various things like movies and going out to eat, but the pandemic kind of made me a homebody, but I’m okay with that! I also make costumes and I’m always looking to create new shows. 

DP: What are some future goals you would like to accomplish with your drag career?
SS: As I said earlier, I won a national title in November as “America’s Bearded Queen,” so this year, I will be touring the U.S., and possibly the UK. I’m looking forward to visiting places I’ve never had a chance to see yet. This year is also my 20th anniversary of doing drag. I would like to keep working and be happy and healthy.

DP: Before we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to mention or plug?
SS: All I’ll say is keep an eye out because new things are coming and be kind to everyone. Remember, it’s just drag!

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