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Midland Cares Gets More Patients Into Treatment

by John Hayden

Despite two years and counting of the biggest health crisis in a century, many people still don’t have health insurance. Some don’t want coverage, but many don’t know affordable care is available. Midland Cares is working to get people covered and taking advantage of treatment options available. Many programs focus solely on sexual health, including STIs and PrEP and HIV care.

Midland Cares Director of Programs and Innovation, Greg Beltran, says he looks at the bigger picture. “In developing this program, I felt it was time that we addressed the entire person, by providing health insurance to the masses (subsidized based on income), to truly make a holistic health impact in the communities we serve. This now allows people in the Midland Cares Insurance Program to obtain a full range of services from ER visits, specialists, and even surgeries when needed.”

Beltran knows there isn’t a one-size-fits-all in healthcare, and says this program customizes itself to make sure patients stay in treatment. “We make sure to provide each patient with a tailored plan that addresses their needs, along with finding solutions to their barriers to care. For example, if transportation is an issue, we have a Lyft account to ensure they get to and from their visits. We also provide a seamless Telemedicine solution for those that are outside of Broward County. This program is meant to alleviate healthcare burdens that oftentimes make folks drop out of care or not want to get into care in the first place.”

Open enrollment has been extended to January 15, 2022. To learn more about policies, visit and click on “Premium Assist Enroll” in the top right corner.