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Make this Your Year

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Decisions. Life is full of decisions. What to wear each morning. What to eat each day. Who to be friends with. What business decisions do we make. Do we take the time to exercise. These and many others are so important to our lives. 

As I continue on my journey with Genesis Health Institute, I am reminded of the importance and value of these decisions. The dietary supplements, better nutrition, and exercise plan are all working to help me live a more healthy lifestyle. 

But change isn’t always easy.¹ I got out this past weekend (as of this writing) and walked up and down the sidewalk of the A1A beach. I have been to the beach numerous times, but never enjoyed that particular walk. After 2020, it was great to see smiling faces and hearing their laughter.

My friend Michael Madsen, from Colorado, jokes in his salutations over the phone, “Make good decisions.” But it’s true.

This year, one of those has been working with Dr. Cabrera at Genesis Health Institute. If you are feeling the effects of aging and needing guidance on decisions to keep your mind and body healthy, make an appointment to see them for a treatment plan that’s right for you. Make 2021 your year. 

Go to or call (954-561-3175) for more information. They are located at 1001 NE 26th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305.

¹Evans, S. OutClique. “Transitions and Stability.” (5) 6.