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Copies of Deeds are Public Records and Free | Community Outreach Events

Copies of Deeds are Public Records and Free

Every year our office hears of new mailings aimed at Broward County property owners offering to provide the owner with a “certified deed” for their property. The company will provide this service for a fee; however, most documents are available for free through Broward County Records Division. 

Your deed is a document or written legal instrument which, when executed and delivered, conveys an interest in or legal title to a property. Deed recordation is the process of registering a transfer of real property with the Broward County Records, Taxes & Treasury Division. Once the deed is recorded with County Records, it is provided to the Property Appraiser’s Office so the property record can be updated. If a property owner is registered with our Owner Alert notification service, the owner will receive an email notification of this change. Property owners can register for the Owner Alert notification service online at 

Deeds and many other important documents are already available online and free on Broward County’s Records, Taxes & Treasury Division’s website and linked from our office’s website. Deeds recorded prior to January 1, 1978 and recorded deeds utilizing social security numbers must be ordered in person or by written request. The county charges a nominal fee for reproduction ($1.00 a page/$2.00 certified) along with a $2.00 search fee per name, per year. County Records can be reached at 954-831-4000.

Reviewing and obtaining a copy of your deed on the County Records website is simple: go to and select your search criteria. Documents matching these criteria will be displayed and you can print a copy of the document you select. To search for a recorded deed on the our website, search for the property record at and simply click on the blue “Book/Page or CIN” number located under the “Sales History for this Parcel” on the property record page.

Community Outreach Events

Our office has resumed visiting the Governmental Center West in Plantation on Wednesdays from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. BCPA staff is available to assist residents with exemption filing and answer any questions. To schedule an appointment, please email or contact us at 954-357-5579.

Take care,

Marty Kiar, CFA

Broward County Property Appraise

Marty Kiar is the Broward County Property Appraiser and longtime advocate for LGBTQ equality.

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