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Live A Better You & Make 2021 Your Year

By  Steven O. Evans, PhD

After a year of the effects of a pandemic and quarantine, it’s time for a fresh mental and physical tune up. We were not meant for a sedentary life, but rather one of energy and positive outlooks. No matter what the last 12 months have been like, don’t wait for change. It may be time for adjustments in your life, behaviors, attitudes, or relationships. It’s to not necessarily change you, but to become a better version of yourself.

For me, I began a journey with Genesis Health Institute, located in the heart of Wilton Manors, FL. I started with a fasting lab panel. Dr. Cabrera sat down with me and took an indepth look at each item and came up with a plan for a better and healthier lifestyle. Once you meet with him, you’ll quickly discover his passion for helping patients treat symptoms of aging.

To assist patients with age management, Dr. Cabrera utilizes functional medicine to optimize functioning of various systems of the body. As we age, our bodies don’t work as well as they did when we were youthful. We talked about a better diet and plan for creating the necessary meals and the nutrition a healthy body needs. Of course, exercise is also on my to do list. Movement is necessary to keep us functional.

People running in machine treadmill at fitness gym

Let’s start with more energy. That was number one on my list. Dr. Cabrera is working with me on the necessary supplements to not only increase energy, but also to improve blood quality, maintain my correct sugar levels, and increase lean muscle mass. 

Another important element is testosterone therapy. As we age, our bodies do not always produce enough to keep us at our optimum levels. Dr. Cabrera and the staff at Genesis Health Institute can guide you on this option, should it be necessary for you.

Their friendly and helpful staff will guide you on your path to a healthier life. Don’t just wait for change, make a commitment in 2021 to take advantage of the knowledge and experience at Genesis Health Institute. Join me, as I take this journey.

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