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One Year Later

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

March of 2020 was when the world all started to change. Our calendars and inboxes were full of events, parties, concerts, and nights out at the clubs. Then seemingly overnight, the global pandemic took over. My inbox and phone were full again, but with cancellations from all of our dear friends in the arts, entertainment, travel, food, and other similar organizations. My heart began to break for all these cancellations, closings, and postponements, as I know them both on professional and personal levels. What started was one of the most difficult times to come.

We all watched and endured the uncertainty of 2020. The financial and emotional toll was difficult. Our social norms broke down as we did not know how to go out, if at all. We had to figure how to reach out to each other or even how to greet each other in person because that changed. Businesses, events, and gatherings ceased. We were forced to be home alone, isolated from our emotional support networks of friends and family. We relied on takeout meals, video chat, working from home, unemployment, food stamps, and many other ways to just “make it.”

One year later, we have a new president and vaccines are being implemented. There is hope. Many of our clubs and restaurants are open with appropriate social distancing. Our theaters have been offering online shows and are starting to offer social-distanced in-person events. We have heard of some silver linings. Real estate trends in South Florida have seen an increase. We have learned much about online production of musical and theatrical shows. Businesses, such as insurance, have proven to be sustainable. The travel industry is seeing a return to normalcy.

I believe 2021 is going to be a year of abundance. I am excited for the new opportunities, fresh ideas, and what possibilities will come.

All the best,

Steven O. Evans, PhD

Editor in Chief