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Photo Courtesy of Historic Tours of America

Ghosts, Gravestones, and Gasps – Oh My!

A Spooky and Historical Tour of Old Town Key West

By Steven O. Evans, PhD and Dalton Vilhena

You may already know Key West, FL for its snorkeling, sailing, and dining. OutClique magazine was able to uncover the dark, underground, and scary side of Key West. Yes, travelers, there is more there than just Duvall Street and Old Town Key West. We saw first hand the sordid and eerie backdrop that so many miss.

Be ready for the hauntings, the tragic deaths, and ghastly residents that still walk the halls of centuries old wooden buildings. Beware! You may become the doomed!

Ghost Tour KeyWest
Photo Courtesy of Historic Tours of America

How did we mere mortals unearth these ghastly stories from beyond the grave? How did we find the legends of Robert the Doll that still spooks Fort East Martello, the haunting of the Marrero Guesthouse by Enriquetta, or the mysterious body found one cold-chilly night at the Key West Shipwreck?

We took a step of sheer bravery and boarded the Ghosts and Gravestones haunted trolley. As it took us through the backstage history of Key West, we saw and heard the stories of the disembodied voices.

Ghost Tour KeyWest _ Steven and Dalton

If you go to Key West, walk the line of the living and the dead. For more information, if you dare, go to or call (866) 955-0668. But, don’t emerge as one of the doomed!