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It’s a New Year; Trust Your Gut

It’s a New Year; Trust Your Gut
We’ve all been there — sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room for hours just to see the doctor for five minutes and be prescribed yet another medication that may or may not work. We follow this flawed system, but your gut tells you: “This is not working.” You’re right. There is a better way. It’s time to trust your instincts and go to Genesis.

Get to the Root Cause
Genesis Health Institute is the intersection of next-generation medicine and medical aesthetics. Medical diagnosis and treatments are traditionally focused on symptoms, but Genesis Health Institute treats illness as part of the whole body, not just an isolated set of symptoms. This is called functional medicine. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of practicing medicine to a whole-body approach, functional medicine looks at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence complex chronic disease and long-term health.

Next Generation Medicine
Consider this scenario: You have trouble sleeping, so the traditional doctor will prescribe a sleep aid as a first line of defense. However, Genesis Health Institute thinks differently. We would ask: why do you have trouble sleeping? Is there an underlying condition, like stress, poor diet, or a chronic condition that is causing your sleep issues? This next-generation medical approach has been proven to lead patients to a lifetime of healthy living.

Keep Them Guessing
Looking great inside can have life-shifting effects on how a person sees themselves on the outside. That is why we offer the most advanced medical aesthetic therapies available. Through a comprehensive set of facial and body aesthetics, sexual enhancement programs, IV therapies, and more, we make sure the effects on the inside are equal to the effects on the outside. We want you to look at yourself the way you used to.

Next Generation Medicine In Our Community
Conveniently located in Wilton Manors, Genesis Health Institute has been helping our community feel better for more than 15 years. Genesis founders and owners, Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera and Chief Operating Officer, Dimitri Bakoulis, look forward to welcoming you for a complimentary consultation. Call (954)561-3175 or visit to learn more.

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