It All Comes Out in the Wash

It All Comes Out in the Wash

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Majestic Car Wash Creates a Scrubs4Scrubs Give Back

By John Hayden

Frontline workers have never been so in demand or so appreciated than they are in 2020 and the age of COVID-19. We’ve seen the parades of honking cars and the socially-distanced lines of people waiting to applaud them as they come to work. Now a local business is working to make things a “clean” sweep.

Majestic Car Wash, on Federal Highway just north of 26th Street in Fort Lauderdale, has started a program to say “Thank you!” to beleaguered hospital workers. Between working 12-hour (or longer) shifts, day after day, week after week, month after month, a clean car may not be their top priority or in the budget. But, Majestic wants them to know they’re here for them. “We regularly give discounts to our police, fire, rescue, and military, but now we have a new frontline and they need help, too,” Majestic’s Ryan Cain told me. “So, we decided in these craziest of times to try to give something back to our frontline workers and decided that our best wash (the King Wash) was the way to go.”

They designed the program to get the community involved because, as we know, we’re all in this together. “Basically the program is a collaboration between all of us at Majestic and our customers. In giving to the community we also thought it would be nice to involve anyone in the community and began taking $10 from any customer willing to give and use it towards the wash. In easier terms, the customer gives $10, we give $15, and in turn a front liner gets a $25 wash for free.”

Besides the clean cars rolling off the line, Cain says the evidence of the program is on full display in Majestic’s lobby. “We have donation ‘T-shirt cutouts’ that we display for every donation. They are all displayed on our countertop at the register. It’s actually turning out to be nice. Every day we walk in and see all of the shirts on the counter, and hopefully every day it grows. We will not ever not give to the frontline worker, even if there are no donations. It’s nice to see that our customers are embracing this and participating.”

This isn’t just for MDs and RNs. “This not only benefits hospital workers, but also anyone who may work for a doctor’s office or rehab clinic. Anyone in the medical profession is eligible. All we ask is that they show some form of ID that says they work where they claim they work. In some cases we’ll even take a business card or name tag.”

Majestic’s shiny washes are a great way to say thank you to a stranger you’ll never meet, but has definitely impacted your life. And, Ryan says, there’s no end in sight. “We plan on keeping this going as long as possible, and at least for the next few months, so long as it is embraced on both ends.”