2020 SAVE Champions of Equality Virtual Gala
Photo Courtesy of SAVE

2020 SAVE Champions of Equality Virtual Gala

SAVE’s Annual Award Ceremony and Fundraising Gala

Join us on August 28, 2020 at 7:00PM to celebrate the SAVE 2020 Champions of Equality!

SAVE established the Champions of Equality awards to honor individuals who have significantly advanced the cause of equality for the LGBTQ community.
This year’s event will take place virtually.


2020 Champions of Equality Honorees:


State Representative Nicholas X. Duran

State Senator Jason W. B. Pizzo

Equality Legacy

Commissioner Audrey M. Edmonson

Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan

Commissioner Dennis C. Moss

Commissioner Xavier L. Suarez

Hall of Champions

Dr. Susanne Doblecki-Lewis

Dr. Besiki Luka Kutateladze

Dr. Steven A. Safren

Dr. Mario Stevenson

Dr. José Szapocznik

Community Heroes

Robin L. Bodiford

Jorge Mursuli

Host Committee

Brian Adler & Omar Suarez


John Byrne

Gino Campodonico

Bradley Carlson

Abby & Danielle Corbett

Xavier Cortada & Juan Carlos Espinosa

Mayor Karyn Cunningham

Chester Dowdy & Lemuel Curtis Lamb Jr.

The Honorable Audrey Edmonson

Stefanie Epstein

The Gaythering

Don Hayden & Brian Thompson

Nicole Henry

Commissioner Sally Heyman

Councilwoman Anna Hochkammer

Larry Hyer

Seth Kaplan

Commissioner Patricia Keon

Dr. Besiki Luka Kutateladze & Glen Greeley

Michael Larkin

Former Mayor Cindy Lerner

Robert M. Levy & Associates

Rebecca Mandelman & Clement Fatovic

Nesti Mendoza

Janet McAliley

Richard Milstein & Eric Hankin

Robert Murphy

Eddie Padilla

Edward Pascoe

Jonny Pimentel Jr.

Trelvis Randolph

Melissa Rubin

Michael Rucker

Commissioner Mark Samuelian & Laura Dominguez

Congresswoman Donna Shalala

Sissy Shute & Dr. Doug Hornsby

Clessia & Dr. Mario Stevenson

Amy & Richard Stokes

Commissioner Julianna Strout | North Bay Village

Daniel Spring & Jean Marc Da Silva

Mark Steinberg & Dennis Edwards

Juan Talavera & Jeff Ronci

Mayor Crystal Wagar

Trae Williamson & Jose Luis Pere

With the 2020 elections, SAVE has an opportunity to engage with individuals through grassroots community organizing to take responsibility for the direction of our future. By building upon our 25-plus year history, SAVE continues to work diligently by engaging the community to get pro-equality citizens to exercise their civic duties by registering to vote, signing up to vote-by-mail, completing the 2020 Census, and last but not least, ensuring that we get out the vote!