Pam Ann Comes In for a Landing
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Pam Ann Comes In for a Landing

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At Hunters Nightclub

By Denny Patterson

After months of being grounded, Pam Ann is once again flying the friendly skies. The comedic air hostess famously known for her musical numbers, outrageous costumes, and fresh observational comedy, Pam Ann is back with her brand-new show, PAMDEMIC! If you have missed flying, the inconvenient delays, and being verbally abused while sitting in first class, then this show is for you. 

Pam is beside herself at the thought of having a live human audience and is very excited to share this moment at Hunters Nightclub Wilton Manors. Show dates are March 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2021. Boarding time is at 7:00PM, and be ready for takeoff at 7:30PM.

OutClique had the opportunity to catch up with Pam before her travels. 

Denny Patterson: Hi, Pam! What can you tell us about your upcoming show at Hunters Nightclub?
Pam Ann: Expect to be hijacked with laughing gas, cocktails, Brazilian strains and Pfizer shots! The show is always evolving, especially living here in Florida as there is always something bonkers crazy happening here. There is no shortage of news from engines falling off Boeings and plane parts being scattered over Colorado to planes making emergency landings on roads in Florida. Oh, and I just went to Disney World for the first time. That is a show in itself!

DP: This is your first live performance in over 10 months. What have you missed the most about performing in front of a live audience?
PA: I have missed the interaction with people. Sadly, I cannot touch people like I used to, but I have a long-extended arm that can do that for me. I have had to improvise this new normal when it comes to performing, unlike American Airlines who still growl at you and mouth f*** off under their masks when you board.

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DP: How have you been managing these days of COVID, and what kind of impact did it not only have on your career, but your own mental health?
PA: It has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone, especially in the world of travel and entertainment. I adapted as much as I could by performing online shows, and I developed a Pam Ann product line of candles and lip glosses. When all of your safety nets disappear, it is a very scary place to be. Thankfully, all of my hard work over the past 20 years paid off with my character Pam Ann. She is the one that got me through this, and continues to do so. Creativity keeps my mental health in check. Vodka also helps!

DP: So, you have been finding ways to stay connected with fans?
PA: I have been online all throughout lockdown and quarantine. Connecting with my frequent flyers has been an incredible experience through this crazy time. I have actually made lifelong friends with fans and other artists all over the world. I am so grateful and thankful. Thank God for social media. I cannot imagine how life would have been without it. 

DP: Can you tell us more about Pam Ann and how she came to be?
PA: Pam Ann was born out of a birthday party I had back in 1995. It was a James Bond themed birthday as James Bond flew Pan American, and I went as a 1960s Pan Am air hostess. Basically, throughout the night, my friends would come up and say Pan Am, and after many shots of vodka, it sounded like Pam Ann. If you say Pan Am over 10 times, try it, it sounds like Pam Ann. Boom! Pam Ann was born.

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DP: You are known for your observational comedy. What draws you to that specific type of humor?
PA: I am more of a storyteller than a comic that tells joke jokes. For me, the best comedy comes from observing people and situations. Lately, to be honest, I have been feeling very stagnated with my work as I have not flown or done much for the past 11 months. So, I took a flight to Disney World just so I can come in fresh this week for my show. I needed to get back into life again and find out what the heck is going on in the world of travel, and of course, Disney and Donald Duck. 

DP: What are some hot topics you will make sure to include in your upcoming shows?
PA: I talk about the evolution of the Coronavirus from Wuhan to Miami, with stopovers in Milan, Paris, London, New York, and L.A. This week, I will be talking about my recent trip to Disney and flying again.

DP: What do you enjoy the most about performing in South Florida?
PA: I have lived in Miami for the past four years, and I love the no f**** given attitude of living in Florida. I feel like I live on planet WTF. Welcome to Florida!

DP: Are there any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?
PA: I will be DJing around Miami. Stay tuned on my social for details!

To stay up-to-date, follow Pam Ann on Facebook and Instagram, or visit her official website,, where you can purchase tickets for upcoming performances by clicking the “Tour” tab.