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Eagle Soaring to Second Anniversary

By John Hayden

The Eagle landed on Wilton Drive two years ago, and what a crazy, unpredictable two years it has been. 

Now, Eagle Wilton Manors is gearing up to celebrate their second anniversary. General Manager Chuck King talked with OutClique about the last two years and the goals of the next two. 

“Well, the last two years have been a whirlwind of extreme challenges, but we are proud to have made it through,” he said. “We opened with a huge bang as the Wilton Manors community and tourists welcomed us with open arms. We had an incredible first six months in business before the pandemic hit, and then we were closed for six months.”

The start-and-stop schedule was tough, but Eagle made it through with some government stimulus and became a restaurant for a minute.

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“Turning a Leather Bar into a high end sandwich eatery was not easy. We accepted the challenge and did whatever it took to get through the toughest of times.”

With the worst of the COVID crisis, hopefully, behind us, Eagle is ready to celebrate. 

“Aside from our regular weekly events like JockStrap Night, In the Biz Tuesdays, Underwear Night, and our newer Sunday Service Show, we have lots of new events throughout autumn. Our second Anniversary Celebration, Fort Lauderdale Pride, Huge DJs like Ralphie Rosario and Dan DeLeon will be back, new fetish events, and lots of other tricks up our sleeves.”

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New bars have a tough time making it even without the added challenge of a pandemic. Eagle didn’t just survive, it thrived. King says that’s a testament to the tightness and loyalty of the Bear and Leather communities. 

“We’re the type of place where you can come to have good conversation and delicious drinks with friends, or you can cruise for that person that makes your loins tickle and take them home for a night of fun. Whatever your flavor or style, we just want you to be you.”

Now that life is getting back to normal, King says Eagle has big plans for 2022 and beyond. 

“Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors contest in January, as well as the Mr. Florida Rubber contest in February. We have lots of things in store for 2022. I can’t really talk about everything.” 

It’s that spirit of surprise and pride that King wants to continue. 

“We’re very proud of who we are, and what we have done so far for the locals and out-of-town guests. We are always full of surprises, so we promise to keep you entertained in the coming year with new and fresh ideas and events.”

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