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By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Ah, the holidays are upon us. And what a change from the lock down and quarantine of last year. The days of no more family are behind us.  

In November, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Take a few moments each day and think about what you are thankful for. A place to live, running water, air conditioning, technology, friends, family, health, our sunny beaches, that special someone in your life, food to eat, the list can be long if you really take time to think about it. Maybe even write them down so you have something tangible to remind you. 

The second part of the holiday word is, giving. How do you give back? Volunteer at Poverello, the Pride Center at Equality Park, or the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center. Be an usher at the Broward Center, Sunshine Cathedral, Holy Angels Catholic Community, or Sts Francis and Clare. Sign up for the Florida AIDS Walk. Donate a wreath for the Pub’s charity auction. Or look at making a financial impact on numerous organizations by working with Our Fund

But don’t forget to take time for yourself. Theater and travel are open and ready for you.  Source Events and Rainbow Travel have some great options to explore. Key West and Equator Resort is a half day drive. Stop by the Key West Business Guild for other great ideas!

So the time is now. Be your best self. We are excited to be part of your success.

All the best,

Steven O. Evans, PhD

Editor in Chief