An Insure Thing with WE Insure
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An Insure Thing with WE Insure

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By John M. Hayden

Insurance. We all need it, we want the best price, and we hope never have to use it. In a year that’s seen one unexpected crisis after another, insurance has never been so important to have and, at the same time, a part of the budget you think about cutting while crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. There are ways to both save money and stay protected.

The local branch of WE Insure Group was founded by Alejandro Kalaf III and Constantine Patsimas, and has been working with our community for years. They, along with their dedicated staff, don’t work for any one particular insurance company. Instead, they sift through all the options offered by all the companies in the Florida marketplace to mix and match the best policies to best fit your needs. Think of it as having your own personal shoppers for some of the biggest expenses in your life.

The team just finished moving from their office on A1A to Island City Plaza in Wilton Manors. “Since a good portion of our clientele and referrals are based out of Wilton Manors and the surrounding area, we wanted to have more of a presence in the community,” Alejandro explained. “This will give our current and future clients an opportunity to stop by the office and be able to conduct business in person to create that personal touch.” WE Insure Group isn’t an insurance carrier. They work with all insurance companies to match a client’s needs with the right policy. Searching on your own can be challenging and complicated. Between home, auto, and business insurance, there are so many options and combinations it’s easy to let your eyes glaze over, and just give up and call whichever company has the most clever commercials that week.

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“We believe in educating our clients, which is the key to helping them understand their options,” Constantine said. “This year so many of us have had to tighten our budgets. Insurance is something that we can always take a second look at if you want to cut costs but keep quality coverage. During the pandemic, while the South Florida community has been home looking for ways they could lower their expenses, one of the areas they looked into was their home and auto insurance policies. Insurance premiums have continued to rise, requiring us to take a closer look at our clients portfolios and be proactive in reshopping our current clients policies, while still saving new clients money. This has allowed us to continue to provide and maintain a busy work day while still offering excellent customer service.”

WE Insure Group may have a new office, but they aren’t new to the community. This branch has been around for seven years, and has risen to the top of their game, becoming the company’s number one office in Broward County and among the top nationally, a goal that they knew was attainable. “This achievement hasn’t come easily. It came from hard work and determination to be the best at what we do in our county and within the company. It was something we have been working towards for the last five years. We had come close a few times, but 2019 was our year!” exclaimed Alejandro. He said they work hard to stay there. “All of our associates have worked diligently to gain the trust of clients, title companies, realtors, mortgage brokers, and, of course, their friends and family to refer us their business. But, as you know, once you’re on top there is always someone looking to take your spot. That just means we have to continue to work harder and not take what we have accomplished for granted.”

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WE Insure Group finds policies for home, auto, and business coverage. Different companies look at the same risk and rate it differently. For instance, when it comes to auto insurance they take into account the safety features in your car, driving record, and other factors such as where you live, age, employment, and education. Constantine says each carrier evaluates the data points differently. “It’s all about analytics, what risks they are willing to take on, and what risks they will not accept. Some companies will take drivers with some blemishes on their record at a slightly higher premium, and others will decline the driver due to the higher risk. On the other hand, drivers with a clean record, college degree, and a vehicle with more safety options will enjoy lower premiums.”

Alejandro believes being a South Florida native lets him understand the anxieties of our community. “Living in Fort Lauderdale for the last 20 years, doing the Smart Ride, and participating in other local charities and events, I have fostered relationships in the gay community, which have led to our success here with We Insure Group.” More specifically, it’s knowing the local LGBTQ+ community. “There’s a real comfort in being able to talk to someone who understands you and your insurance needs. While being part of the gay community is important, we are an equal opportunity insurer. Insurance can be personal and we truly care.”

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The phrase “We’re all in this together,” has never been more true than with the Fort Lauderdale WE Insure team. “While our move to Wilton Manors was during challenging times, we knew that our staff was also our family. When things got tough we stuck it out together,” Alejandro reflected. “This allowed us to keep all of our employees while still growing our business by taking on a new sales associate to further serve the needs of our clients. We are very proud of what we accomplished together as a team. We work hard to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated, with honesty, trust and respect.”

You can learn more about how the WE Insure Group team can work for you by checking out their website,, call them at (954) 903-7529, or pop into their new office at 1428 NE 26th St., Wilton Manors, FL 33305.