A New School Idea at Old School Square
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A New School Idea at Old School Square

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By John M. Hayden

The iconic Pavilion at Old School Square has successfully found a way to put the social into social distancing. Just in time for the rain to stop and humidity to drop, the Delray Beach location has adapted their lawn to the realities of COVID-19. Even with the virus still raging, the shows will go on safely, and the experience will feel like a luxurious night out on the town.

They’ve configured the expansive area in front of the stage into a grid of spacious and distanced pods. Each one seats four people with plenty of space to arrange your chairs in a way that you feel comfortable. Think of it like getting your own private box at a concert for you and up to three friends for the price of a regular ticket.

Here’s how it works: you don’t buy single tickets. Instead, you buy a pod for $120, and that becomes your own private pod. If it’s only you and one other person, it’s still $120 and only the two of you will be in there. The other seats won’t be sold. If your group is bigger than four people, you can ask about purchasing adjoining pods. That way you can keep your party together while keeping your distance.

You can also take your night out and kick it up a notch or two. For a little extra, you can buy a premium pod and get a great view of the stage by sitting in rows 4-7 and have a table to rest your refreshments. Or, you can go VIP which comes with bar service to your personal pod in the first three rows.

You still need to wear a mask anytime you’re outside of your pod, keep six feet of distance when in line for the restroom or concessions, and there are hand sanitizing stations all over the place.

These innovations are a silver lining in the midst of so many closures and cancellations, and it’s helping to keep the local arts scene jammin’.

To check out which shows are hitting the Pavilion at Old School Square, go to their website at www.OldSchoolSquare.org/The-Pavilion.

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