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What’s So New About Normal?

By Kip Reynolds

Recently I had the pleasure of a Facebook® interview with Dr. Steven Evans, Publisher of this magazine. In a time of crisis he is reinventing how his readers and followers receive his services. A wonderful example of finding a solution to a problem. Sharing information and engaging content is a bit different than buying or selling real estate in our new normal world. How on earth could you consider something like renting, buying, or selling a home now? Moving anywhere, even just across town, can be rife with drama, damage, and dilemma. Imagine tossing a global pandemic into the mix! Like Steven, realtors are problem solvers, too.

How do I sell during this crisis? It’s a fair question and the answer is fairly direct. Hire a professional that knows the tools in the pandemic toolbox. Realtors have been showing homes virtually since it was possible to record and transmit video. Gone are the days of text only printed listings in books of dot matrix sheets. Today we have high resolution images and immersive matterport virtual tours. If you’re curious, catch a demo of a matterport tour on my Facebook® interview with Steven.

Another tool is video meetings using Zoom®, FaceTime®, Microsoft Teams®, and Skype®, to name a few. A seller may not be comfortable permitting “in-person” showings. Today’s tools make it easy to show any property with the listing agent guiding the tour. Eventually, when an offer is accepted, the seller will need to grant access. At that point the home inspection will be done by licensed professionals accustomed to being tidy and orderly. Plus, adding gloves and masks to the process bolsters layers of professionalism and compliance.

How do I buy in the new normal? When I was a kid my dad told me, “Plan your work and work your plan.” Simple words I’ve lived by all my life and in the real estate business have served me well. When looking at property observe social distance, wear a mask, and avoid touching anything. Ask your agent to assist along the way and take your time. Planning work and working plans is vital to our daily lives with or without a pandemic. So what’s your plan?

Confidence is everything. COVID-19 may be shaking that a bit, but while we may shake we shall not break. We will weather this terrible crisis. In fact, even now, buyers continue to buy. Sellers, however, may not be as quick to list their property. A possible indication of lower supply which could result in an uptick in value from demand. The pent up demand of buyers and sellers is strong in South Florida. The crisis forced us to stop our lives on a dime, so watch things improve as the crisis lifts. Our South Florida market will reflect a robust return to where we were all going.

Be well. Be safe. Be kind.

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