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Photo Courtesy of Cindy And Risa Goffin

The Dynamic Duo of Cindy & Risa

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of a person’s lifetime. Not only is it the place you will call home, but also it is one of the most important financial decisions that one will make. Finding the right realtor is key to choosing the place you will lay your head at night. I talked with Cindy & Risa Goffin, also known as the Goffin Team, about the home buying and home selling process and their expertise.

Steven O. Evans, PhD: What are the two main tips you have for home buyers?

Cindy & Risa: Know what you’re looking for. Rather than having just a general idea of price, have specifics in mind like school zones, locations, if you want a pool, if you have pets, and what are the HOA requirements? Also keep in mind, that you should have a realistic wish list in buying a home.

Secondly, know what you can afford. Get pre-approved. Have a balance of what you want in a home with what fits into your budget.

SOE: You are also experts in the selling process. What things do you do to help get property sold quickly?

C&R: We work hard to make each property presentable for the buyer. Staging homes is vital. We go the extra mile with each client’s property to make sure the home is presentable. We utilize professional photography. This is key for good presentation for those buyers shopping online. When we list a house, the listing goes on more than 50 different websites. We make brochures on each home, so each buyer has something tangible to refer to from their visit. We use hard stock paper and include a floor plan, special features of the home, as well as upgrades. Virtual tours are also part of our marketing plan to get potential buyers to see the home before stepping onto the property. We can also utilize drone photography for certain properties. These photos give great aerial shots of the home and the surrounding areas.

We assist with pricing to sell. Getting the right price for both the buyer and seller is important to closing the deal. We get quotes up front in anticipation of questions from potential buyers: from painting contractors or a pool company if one does not exist. We also created our own curb to fence form. This is a critical analysis of the entire property and unique only to the Goffin Team. We take a great deal of time to see all of the pieces and parts of the property that need to be addressed to ensure the property is ready to be shown. We anticipate any questions potential buyers could have ahead of time and have estimates ready to go.

SOE: Why should someone choose you?

C&R: First, we are honest people. We are upfront with all of our clients about the properties and any part of the buying and selling process. Second, we want people to feel comfortable with us. We build relationships with our clients. Third, we listen to our clients. We treat our clients as if they are part of our family. We love seeing people move along the property buying process and taking the next step in their lives to sell their property or acquire a home.

SOE: What sets you apart?

Cindy: I’ve been working in real estate for over 20 years and have always been an advocate of the LGBTQ community. My experience, knowledge, follow through, and personal touch will make your home buying or selling process an amazing experience.

Risa: As a member of the LGBTQ community, I work with several organizations in Palm Beach and the South Florida area. I also bring expertise with technology and social media. I am working with OutClique magazine to start our Q-Connect mixers here in Palm Beach and more outreach to the LGBTQ community.

C&R: With the Goffin Team, you get the expertise of two people with a blend of unique, but complementary skill sets. We walk you through the entire process. For the seller, we take you through the listing, marketing, showing, offer/acceptance, inspections, financing, and closing steps. And for the buyer, we walk you through qualifying, finding the home of your dreams, inspections, financial paperwork, and the final closing. We love what we do, but most of all, we love the clients and friends that we make along the way.

For more information on Cindy and Risa, visit them online at

or call Cindy at (561) 212-8604 or Risa at (561) 866-2742.