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Photo Courtesy of DS FBP

#SordidLiveStream Follow Up

Courtesy of The Del Shores Foundation

In April, Del had a conversation with the artistic director of one of the foundation’s theatre partners. They explained that the challenges of the pandemic have put their company’s viability in jeopardy.  Since Del started his career in, and always returns to, the theatre, he was inspired to figure out a way to use our skills to do something to help theatre companies and also provide entertainment. This livestream benefit reading was the result of that. All of the stars we asked from across the Sordid franchise said an immediate yes!

Over 33,000 people watched the video and we had over 660 individual donations. Direct donations raised over $50,000 and the auctions raised over $25,000! 100% of the proceeds are being split evenly among the 23 non-profit theatre partners of the Foundation. We already sent out the first checks of over $2,000 a piece to the companies and will be sending a second check!  We believe theatre is a vital part of community, and we want to be sure it’s there for these companies when they can return to putting on shows. 

Thank you!

Del Shores, Emerson Collins & the Board of Directors