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Seeing Greece with Source Events

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Are you ready to see the world? Craig, Rafael, and the team at Source Events can make your trip the journey of a lifetime.

I just returned from my first (yes, first) trip abroad. I’ve seen much of America and the Caribbean, but I was privileged to see the historic country of Greece aboard the Star Flyer clipper ship. Not your ordinary ship, this 170 passenger sailing vessel provided an amazing experience to the Greek Isles. I traveled with my Associate Editor, Arthur Wood III.

Our journey began by flying from Miami, FL into Athens, Greece. Before the cruise, we spent the day touring the ruins of the Acropolis. Yes, it is just like what you see in the movies. It is a must-see for any trip to Athens. We stood right where some of the greatest minds thought about how they were going to create a society and a culture. We saw the Parthenon with its majestic and iconic columns. Built in 447-438 BC, it was the temple dedicated by the Athenians to the patron saint of their city, Athena Parthenos. 


Photo Courtesy of Source Events

Next to it stands the Erechtheion, built between 421-406 BC. The temple’s most striking feature is it’s Porch of the Caryatids, consisting of six female statues, with the roof resting on their heads. Looking down the mountain, we saw The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a stone structure theater completed in 161 AD, but later renovated in 1950. It includes a steep-sloped theater that was and still today is used as a venue for music concerts, holding up to 5,000 patrons. The theater’s current season includes concerts of Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Verdi, and even the music of Steven Speilberg.

The next day we embarked on our clipper-ship voyage. We toured the Greek Isles during our seven-day journey.  If you’re going to see Greece, see it by ship. We saw up close the Greek architecture with its blue and white pallet, and signature barrel roof styles. You may have had Greek salads, gyros, and other traditional Greek cuisine before, but you haven’t really had them until you sit beside the Aegean Sea and dine with the locals.

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On Santorini, we saw Akrotiri, a city from as early as the fifth millennium BC. It was amazing to see the walls of buildings, clay pots, beds, and even paintings from people that lived during that time. It was a glimpse into history, before we barely knew what history was.

In Bodrum, Turkey we spent the day at a Turkish Hummam. Yes, an old style bath. But we were treated like royals. A hot steam room, a salt scrub, and probably my favorite, just some time to relax in a comfy wooden lounge chair in the rotunda. It’s an experience unique only to that region.

During our stop at Mykonos, we experienced the famous Jackie O’ Beach Club & Resort. Oh yea, it was hip, gay, and super fun. We spent the day under wicker umbrellas with champagne watching the boys. We ascended to the restaurant and were treated to a delicious meal overlooking the beach. If you go to Greece, you must go to Jackie O’ Beach Club & Resort! Don’t forget to stop by the boutique for a chic new outfit.


Photo Courtesy of Source Events

Arthur and I enjoyed making new friends on the ship. Meeting some of the guys (and gals) was some of the best parts of our trip. With a small ship, we had numerous opportunities to make new, life-long friends. There were some we already knew from Fort Lauderdale, but we also formed new bonds with other passengers.

Craig and Rafi (the owners of Source Events) will make sure you enjoy every minute of your trip. They love what they do, and it shows. Travel is their passion, but taking care of their guests is what they do best. They will even join the parties, events, and dinners on the ship. They are not shy in making themselves known.

So, as I always say, don’t sit at home. Get out. And enjoy every minute of it.

Visit or call (305) 672-9779 for more information on your next travel experience.

They will make your trip the trip of a lifetime. I know. I’ve been.