Living the Life of Your Dreams

Living the Life of Your Dreams

By Craig Smith

It’s been 22 years since I was a lawyer in San Francisco, CA practicing criminal law. It seemed like everyone was unhappy, wanting to be anywhere other than a courtroom. I often daydreamed of a different life, but I seemed confined by my career.

I heard of a course called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, which she developed to help writers unblock their creativity. The two main exercises of the course are journaling three pages every morning and going out on a weekly artist date.

The morning pages helped stimulate my imagination, and I found myself writing about traveling the world and going on new adventures. I met new friends who invited me to Africa, and the experience was life-changing. There is something about going to faraway places that is transformational, changing the way we see ourselves and the world.

I decided it was time to take a big leap of faith and leave the comfort of a law practice to find work that I loved. I moved from San Francisco to Miami and started a non-profit foundation to raise funds for HIV/AIDS, which led to my producing large events for our gay community such as the Winter Party.

Then I started working with a life coach, who quickly realized I still had many dreams that I hadn’t pursued. She reminded me that I had already changed my life once by leaving law and moving to Miami, and asked me life changing questions, “If I could do anything in the world, what would that be? What’s my next dream?”

I imagined my first trip to Africa. How it felt to go on a safari for the first time. Cocktails at dusk by the watering hole, witnessing an amazing sunset with a herd of elephants by the watering hole. Hiking Table Mountain and flying in a helicopter over Victoria Falls, one of the wonders of the world. At that moment I envisioned creating inspirational adventures around the world. The possibilities are limitless, I thought, if we have the courage to pursue our dreams. We could sail on tall ships around the world, hike Machu Picchu, cruise the Nile, dance under a full moon. Best of all, we could transform our lives by connecting with new people, places, and experiences. What would we discover in those places about ourselves, each other, and the world we live in? I also envisioned producing events that would bring people together while raising money for good causes.

It was from that life coaching conversation and conversations with like-minded friends, who shared the vision of crafting unique and inspiring experiences, Source Events was born.

We started with a tall ship sailing adventure, a journey to Africa, and a special event for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and over the last 15 years we have traveled to over 65 countries on 6 continents with thousands of travelers. One of my affirmations when I started the Artists Way, was that “what’s on the way is better than I’ve ever hoped and imagined”. That has certainly been true for me over the years, and I’m so grateful that that adventure of my life in now creating adventures for our Source travelers.

Source Events is about giving ourselves the freedom to experience our dreams. It’s about experiences that not only make our body feel good, but also allows our spirit to soar. We believe the world is full of beauty, surprises and unforgettable experiences.

I’d like to personally invite you to live your dream, and join us on one of our Source Events. Our upcoming experiences include Wonder of China, the Splendors of Morocco, Treasures of Egypt, Dreams of Tahiti, Australia and Sydney Mardi Gras, Antarctica Luxury Voyage, Spectacular Iguazu Falls, and the 11th Annual Pride Cruise. If you have other dreams of travel, please let me know. Many of our trips have been imagined by our travelers.

I’ve learned that we live in an extraordinary time, where we have a unique opportunity to live our dreams, to go anywhere and live the life we’ve always imagined. You are invited to join our family of Source Travelers. Explore the world and discover your source!

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