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Photo Courtesy of DJ Drew’s Instagram @DJDrewOfficial

LeBoy’s Top Man

By John Hayden

The boys dance, the bartenders pour, the DJs spin. LeBoy is one of South Florida’s hottest party places. The man at the center of it all is Drew Segura. He’s LeBoy’s General Manager, but that’s only one of the things that make him one of the most fascinating people to follow in South Florida’s gay scene.

Despite being only 23 years old he’s a familiar face up and down Wilton Drive. “I started coming to the gayborhood when I was 18,” he told me when we met up recently at LeBoy. “My first job was Southern Nights, doing the lights when they promoted me to manager. Then I got hired at Rumors.”

Those gigs also let Drew cultivate his DJ skills. “I learned how to DJ when I was 13 years old. I got a Christmas present, the iDJ3 or something like that. It’s this red turntable, and I fell in love with it.” He began  DJing at straight bars, then spinning at bars on The Drive including The Manor, then as part of his job at Southern Nights and Rumors. When I asked him which music genre is his favorite, he couldn’t pick one. “I listen to everything from country, to EDM, to classic house. I listen to it all.”

Eventually Drew found himself looking for a new challenge. “When Rumors sold I decided I wasn’t gonna’ do gay bars anymore. I was over it.” He went to manage a corporate restaurant but when the pandemic hit Drew once again looked for a career change. He ended up with day and night jobs that are as different as night and day. “I decided to get into insurance. When (LeBoy reopened) they said they needed another manager.”

Insurance agent by day, club manager by night sounds like the most fun superhero ever. It also sounds exhausting. Between insurance, and managing LeBoy, Drew works up to 90 hours a week. “I’d rather work hard now, and play hard later. I sleep [for] five hours. My days off, Saturday and Sunday, are the only days I get a full amount of sleep.”

Despite all that, Drew is determined to transform LeBoy in appearance and attitude. “I’m really trying to take it in a crazy direction,” Drew said. Drew wants to expand the bar’s vision and customers. He says there will still be dancers but now people can come, enjoy a drink, and not be bombarded with massages.

LeBoy has always had one direction, as far as – it was a bar for twinks to dance at, and the men that like twinks. The idea behind it now is to be a bar for everyone. We’ll have dancers that everybody likes. If you’re not here for the dancers then you can come and have a cocktail and not be bombarded by massages and stuff like that.”

Drew also wants to get LeBoy more involved with the LGBTQA+ community. Despite being away from The Drive, he believes out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. “Whether it be hosting events, or sponsoring events, I want to stress that whether it be a [gift] basket or anything, we want to be involved. We’re looking for the opportunity to grow with Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale in the LGBT community.”

You can follow the happenings at LeBoy through their website, and follow Drew on Instagram @DJDrewOfficial.

And when you’re in LeBoy, you never know where you’ll spot him. “Whether I’m managing, or washing dishes, or DJing, and everybody’s singing along, and dancing, and the dancers are having a good time, and the customers, that is my favorite part, 100%.”