It’s Great To Give
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It’s Great To Give

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The popular phrase “give ’til it hurts” leaves out an important part: it hurts so good! That was the feeling recently when the Our Fund Foundation doled out tens of thousands of dollars to local causes. South Florida’s only LGBT community foundation raises money with the sole purpose of giving it away. And give it away they did!

For the Spring they raised $120,500 and didn’t shy away from spreading the wealth. The grants help deserving non-profit organizations that proposed unique ideas, projects and programs that advance lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. “Our Fund Foundation is extremely thankful for the generosity from our donor advised fund holders which help us support these remarkable organizations that benefit the LGBT community in so many diverse ways,” said David Jobin, president and CEO, Our Fund Foundation. “They truly inspire responsible giving and allow us to actively secure a thriving future for the LGBT community for generations to come.”

The money helps causes as diverse as the community itself. From young to seniors, arts and culture to social justice, the money will touch nearly every facet of life in South Florida. Some groups you probably know, like the Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida and Latinos Salud. Others you may not know by name but you recognize their work, like YES Institute and MAVEN. In all, 22 non-profits won grants. They all work really hard on tight budgets and are thrilled to get a boost from the Our Fund Foundation.

Our Fund Foundation’s Spring 2019 grants are the results of hard work and contributions by many people, and the organizers want to especially thank the generous support of the Salah Fund at Our Fund, the John C. Graves Fund at Our Fund, Tuesday’s Angel’s Fund at Our Fund and a gift from the Josephine S. Leiser Foundation as well as other donors.

Our Fund Foundation has been around almost a decade and is one of the top LGBT foundations in the country. It raises millions of dollars every year with the sole goal of empowering the community through non-profits not just today, but for generations to come. Their website says the “Our Fund Foundation promotes a culture of responsible philanthropy by uniting donors with organizations supporting the LGBT community to make South Florida the most livable community in the country for LGBT people. Our Fund Foundation exists to support a sustainably livable community for all South Floridians by promoting and increasing responsible philanthropy directed at agencies advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties.”

This time around The Museum of Discovery and Science got $10,000 for LGBT+ foster/adoptive family outreach while the Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services got $2,500 for The LGBTQ Youth and Family Support Program. The TransInclusive Group got funding for their Empowerment Program. And our flourishing arts community will flourish even more thanks to the Our Fund Foundation. Pride Fort Lauderdale got $1,000 for Caribbean Pride to improve and expand the scope and reach of the Caribbean Pride Festival, while Stonewall has $10,000 for Community Space: An LGBTQ Community Collaboration, which will help support an LGBT community space.

The work goes on and the plan is to do more grants later this year. But to keep helping the community, they need the help of the community. To learn more about Our Fund Foundation, check out their website,