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Clean Your Insides

By Eric Noel Roman

Chirping birds, fresh foliage, and crisp air – the signs of spring are here. Ducks have hatched out of their eggs. Flowers are beginning to bud. People begin to clean out their homes in the tradition of spring cleaning. However, there is one area of our lives we neglect regularly. A section that does not require a season or a time of year. Also, the clutter in this area builds without being seen. Little by little the mountain builds, and you do not see that the sunshine and happiness becomes overshadowed by regret and disdain. Have you figured it out yet? That is right, the clutter in the spotlight is not a mound of dirty laundry or dirty dishes. This clutter is deeper inside of you.

As you live life, you realize that your choices placed you in the position you are in now. I know that in my life, I have recently looked back at all of the choices I have made while I sat and just glared blankly at a wall, in remorse that where I am is not where I envisioned. I remember sitting as an early teen dreaming of the great things I would accomplish. I would work hard, earn great grades, and enjoy accolades. As a young adult leading to my twenties I was cut throat, I sought out successes in my fields, and would master the skills required. I centered my life around financial gains. I was on top of the world, making money and gaining some local fame. In turn, there was a sacrifice.

My success was spectacular, but led to isolation, hermitting, and depression. As I watched the movie of my life, I began to regret neglecting my emotions. Love, passion, and serenity were left out. I began to hate myself and all I did was sit and look back, to a point that I stopped moving forward. My progress stopped and I was lost. I focused on my mistakes, not noticing that just a bit of leaving the past would lead to forward momentum. That type of momentum lights the fire to smile and be happy. I stopped looking at my failures as failures. I began to let go of the mentality that everything must be perfect and that work is not the center of life.

Money has become a questionable commodity in my life. However, opening my eyes to the world around me allowed me to look forward. The path in front of me was made by me. It is a path that once you clean out the clutter of regret, you will see that the door in the way of your path was placed by you. Take all of the energy spent on wondering if things could have been different, and let go of the weight holding down free thinking. Enlighten the road ahead with lessons learned, instead of failures perceived. Step forward on the freshly clean pathway, with feelings of accomplishment.

Remember, you have made it this far.

Eric Noel Roman DJ, obstacle racer, motivational writer from North Miami Beach, living life one day at a time, and making a difference one person at a time.