Celebrating our Local Small Businesses

Celebrating our Local Small Businesses

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By Rod Davis – CEO BBB Serving Southeast FL and the Caribbean

The unique restaurants, shops, bars, and businesses give our communities the flavor that makes them special. When visitors come to town we enjoy taking friends and family to unique memorable spots that they won’t find when they return home. These fun bars, cool clubs, great shops, soothing spas, and unique venues help define our communities.

Once a year, the nation celebrates our small businesses with Small Business Saturday. This year we will celebrate Small Business Saturday on November 30, 2019. I hope you will stop into your local coffee shop, buy some holiday gifts at the one of a kind store, and hire a local designer to give your home a makeover as a gift to yourself. As part of our community, these stores employ our neighbors, participate in planning to improve our neighborhood, and contribute to important causes with funds and people power. Each of these businesses has a local person or group of people serving our community while they follow their dream to build their business. At BBB we routinely meet with these business leaders and see firsthand the passion and unique vision that make each business special.

I thought I would share just a few of the cool local businesses with you to get you excited to find and support other local small businesses during this holiday shopping season and all year. Since I am a notorious plant killer, I am often looking for new plants. Garden Works Supply Center on Oakland Park Boulevard is a great local option with helpful staff and some unique pots and plants. After learning of my propensity to send plants to an early grave, they recommended a few plants that even I have managed to keep alive and looking great. Local businesses are able to know their customers, provide good advice, and take the time to help you find the best option.

How often do we go down to the big box home supply company come home and see that our neighbor has the exact same door, shed, cabinets, etc.? Our community knows being unique is a gift and finding a unique door to welcome people into our homes is made much easier by the www.CustomerDoorShop.com and other local businesses. This small business started in 1999 and has thousands of their own designs to share with you or work with you on one just for your home.

You don’t even need to venture out to the local businesses to support them since they are using eCommerce to make shopping easier. www.MaleBasics.com let’s us guys shop for boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs in the comfort of our own home. I might be a little old fashioned. There are some purchases I like to make without other people judging my style. www.Tropaholic.com is a small business that started in 1947 from a small snack stand. They provide unique island inspired clothing that is actually made in Hawaii, USA, and Bali. Instead of an ugly holiday sweater why not sport a Hawaiian Holiday shirt?

Speaking of the holidays, I used to channel my inner Martha Stewart, create a menu of tasty treats, and bake my butt off for three days and prep and serve the food during my holiday party. Afterwards, everyone had a great time, except for me; I spent the rest of the night and following day cleaning. Another great small business to support during the holidays and throughout the year is the caterers who do all the work so we can enjoy our friends and family. BBB, OutClique, and the Sun-Sentinel recently hosted an event in Fort Lauderdale for our business community and www.PrideCateringFTL.com prepared and served great hors d’oeuvres and drinks by Chef Mazza and his staff. We enjoyed our guests and networking and the catering team handled all the hard work!

Every day a new business joins our community. Take time to visit them, support them and welcome them to the neighborhood. Whether you live in Delray, Miami, West Palm Beach, or Wilton Manors, our local businesses need your support, and when appropriate, suggestions to improve and prosper. Let’s make every day Small Business Saturday by supporting those local businesses that make our community special.