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Understanding Your Fetish

By Cory David Mr. Eagle WM 2020 / 2021

“Sadomasochism” (sadism and masochism) where do your thoughts go, when you read that?  

What if I tell you it’s a combination of two last names of authors from the 1700s and 1800s. They wrote novels about sexually stimulating practices from their personal experiences. The same practices are from ancient times, in the Egyptian, Indian, Asian and Arab cultures. Most scholars believe it was an integral part of human culture and may have been present in primates and primitive humans.  

What are the misconceptions about the “S&M” BDSM lifestyle? The practice of BDSM involves consent, trust in your partner, healthy role playing, and normally builds a strong relationship between the partners. Knowing your boundaries during play, and experimenting, is enjoyable for both, or all parties involved. Terms of play negotiated, safewords, codes and gestures recognized, why would this be associated with deviant or bad behavior? 

The modern age sexual revolution started over 50 years ago, what happened? What makes these subjects taboo, uncomfortable for some and exhilarating for others, how vanilla (non-kinky) have we become? Well not as much as you may think, the subculture isn’t isolated to the LGBTQ+ community, I believe, we are just more expressive.  

What areas of the subculture interest you? I know mine, as we look at different aspects of BDSM, I will share some of my personal experiences, fantasies and fetishes. I can’t expect to educate, without doing research first. I would like to hear any questions or any areas you would like covered on the subculture. “Dear Mr. Eagle” is a help column in every article. 

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This is my anniversary article. I will be unveiling BDSM / Fetish / S&M / Kink and will break down the subculture to cover every aspect. In a respectful manner not to disrespect anyone and their beliefs or preferences, my goal is to inform you for a better understanding.  

So what is your fantasy? Are you ready for role play, dom or sub, pup play, handcuffs, police officer, teacher, leather hood, dungeon, power exchange, where do you need a little tourture, oh, flogging, find your kinks and desires, and your second coming out?

Maybe you are already there and didn’t even realize it. How do you escape from the responsibilities, deadlines, and the stresses of life?

Thank you for your continued support. It has been inspiring. This year you read about legends,  community events, leather history, human interest, culture, leather lifestyle, leather gear and now that we know each other a whole lot better, let’s dig a little deeper into ourselves. 

Thank you for the inspiration. This article is dedicated to my friend, Doug F.