Time to Move
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Time to Move

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By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Dear readers,

When we started 2020, I quoted world renown journalist Barbara Walters, who could finally say, “This is 2020.” But after the world events, I shift to give us humor by quoting one of my favorite performers, Dixie Longate, who would say, “Today we’re at February 210th.” Of course, it’s much funner when she does it with her Southern accent holding a Tupperware tumbler.

This month I want to leave you one word: Move. Oh, no, not to move away from South Florida. Quite the opposite, we must build and strengthen our local community so that we have the necessary infrastructure to maintain South Florida as one of (the?) top LGBTQ+ travel destinations in the world.

In an informal qualitative analysis of what I am hearing, on an individual, collective, institutional, and governmental levels, is that we must move to the goals that will create something good out of our “COVID-19 science fiction movie” and away from all things that will exacerbate our current crisis.

Personally, we must move to exercise, a good diet, video content with positive messages, quality time with friends and family (in person or virtually), get involved with organizations, create new financial plans, work on the psychological effects COVID-19 is causing people, and reach out when you need help. Move away from a sedentary lifestyle, unneeded stress, worry about things we cannot control, toxic people and circumstances, closing ourselves in, and maybe a loss of hope for the future.

Globally, our leaders must move to come up with realistic economic plans, utilizing this to fine tune our corporate and governmental practices, and, most of all, provide messages of hope for the people they lead. They must move away from using fear as a motivator, manipulating data to misrepresent the facts, demonstrating a lack of accountability, and not providing the necessary resources for our local, national, and global economies to survive.

We cannot become stagnant nor complacent, but rather utilize this time to move our personal lives, our nations, and our world to a better place. A mentor of mine has said, “Don’t waste your suffering.” Instead, let us move to a brighter and better tomorrow, as we are “Greater together.”

Move forward in hope and anticipation.

Steven O. Evans, PhD

Publisher & Editor in Chief