Protecting Yourself and Those Around You

Protecting Yourself and Those Around You

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I continue to be blown away by the shares and comments on my previous post. Thank-you, all! I only post to educate and empower, so that we may all get through this together and protect ourselves and those that we love from unwanted and unnecessary misery and suffering. In that spirit, I offer some additional thoughts:

COVID-19 continues its assault on the world and our country, showing that, in a relatively small world of international travelers, a virus does not care what country it started in, only that it can travel its respiratory droplet or surface-contaminated journey to find its next warm-blooded host to continue its mission to survive and live on. This is no different than most living creatures on this planet, n’est pas?

You can call it a “Chinese” virus, Coronavirus, COVID-19, or whatever name you want to attach to it, but it does not suffer insult because it does not watch press conferences or mainstream media to decide what to do or where to go next. It just wants to keep infecting every susceptible host and multiplying and spreading until there are no susceptible hosts left in the world that it can call home. As we suffer through the current misery of COVID-19, we are not really creating history, as it is popular to hear the media say today, but rather we are simply reliving it. 

To highlight just one example, in the Middle Ages, the bubonic plague killed millions of people over an almost 3-year period in Europe. What eventually stopped the “Black Death”? In a word, QUARANTINE. Long before a time when people knew that a bacteria (Yersinia pestis) was the cause for the disease, they actually, and eventually realized that if they stayed apart from one another long enough, the disease stopped its deadly march. So why is this such a hard concept for us to grasp today?

Maybe too many of us slept through history class, or were just too bored in school to pay attention to care one way or another. Maybe Darwin has something to say about this? Whatever your pleasure, if we want to make this current “plague” go away, all we have to do is to own our humanity and our history-rather than deny them or try to ignore or believe that this is some unique or never-seen-before disaster, or that it will suddenly or magically just disappear.

Please, PLEASE: stay home, stay away from other people, listen to the smart infectious disease people (Dr. Tony Fauci), and suffer a little for a month or two. The alternative? Continue to party together, congregate, sleep over, get-together, or whatever you want to call a violation of social distancing, and get ready to suffer like our poor friends and fellow human beings in Italy are doing right now, where they are deciding by lottery who gets to live and who dies. Why not choose your own destiny by practicing a little restraint, delayed gratification and social distancing, until this virus has no one left to call home?

It is your choice, but it is also critically important to understand that in today’s connected world, the choice you make affects so many more people than just you. Do the right thing for you, and humanity.

Let’s not be remembered for repeating history-again.

Just my thoughts. Be well and stay smart/safe!

Love you all!

Chris Nelson, MD

Chris Nelson is a board certificated pediatrician from the American Medical Association with a specialty in infectious disease.  He is currently a pediatrician at the Pediatric & Adolescent Associates in Lexington, KY and previously served as the Pediatric Clerkship Director at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.  He and his wife are also owners of Chrisman Mill Winery in Nicholasville, KY.

Additionally, Dr. Nelson served on the dissertation committee of Steven O. Evans, PhD, the publisher of OutClique magazine. The title of Dr. Evans’ dissertation is “Pediatrics education in an AHEC setting: Preparing students to provide patient centered medicine” from the University of Kentucky College of Education. It can be found at