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Pinpoint Accuracy with South Florida’s Newest Acupuncturist

By John M. Hayden

Back pain. Migraines. Anxiety. There’s a pill (or 12) for all of those and more. Sometimes that’s fine, but one of South Florida’s newest acupuncturists has mastered ancient techniques and is now treating patients here.

Dr. Marcia Steingraber, DAOM, LAc, just opened her new practice downtown, Acupuncture & Wellness Center of Fort Lauderdale, complete with custom renovated treatment rooms. “I can put three or four needles in your ear and walk out of the room for ten to fifteen minutes, come back and you’ll feel like a different person,” Dr. Marcia told me.

She’s spent decades in medicine and while she focuses on acupuncture, she brings her medical school talents with her. “I have a background in both the western and eastern medicines. I bring a marriage of the two.” We’ve all heard stories of how eastern medicine can work miracles, and Dr. Marcia wants to prove it.  While it looks very involved and time consuming, she says it can be done on your lunch break, depending on your needs.

Dr. Marcia worked in Chicago, but last fall, with winter approaching, decided to pack up her practice, her husband, and their dogs, and head to warmer climates. After getting the office ready for patients, she opened her doors in February 2020.

She continued, “Most patients come in because they’re in pain, and pain management is my superpower. I’m really good at it. I teach other acupuncturists how to treat it.” But, relieving the immediate pain is often just a starting point. Dr. Marcia says it’s people’s emotional side that often needs the most healing.

She also sees patients with very real and very physical issues, like multiple sclerosis, ALS, and fibromyalgia. Dr. Marcia knows acupuncture isn’t a miracle cure for everything, but it can be a part of the treatment, and loves working with patients’ other doctors. As she explains, “It doesn’t have to be us and them. Do your therapy, listen to your doctor, and add me to take care of things that aren’t taking care of. I just fit in and help out where I can.”

When you first come in, she’ll get to know you and ask about more than the pain of the moment. Dr. Marcia added, “One of my favorite questions is, ‘When did this show up?’” From there, the journey begins.

As far as how long your treatments go on, that’s up to you. She can do several in one appointment, or see you several times a week, depending on your personal needs and time. “You don’t have all the time in the world to come hang out with me, and I understand that.” After spending an hour with her, I really do want to hang out with her! Dr. Marcia is open, warm, and inviting. Even if you’re a first timer, you’ll feel right at home as soon as you step inside.

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