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Photo Courtesy of Wag Pride

Pet Pride

By John Hayden

An American Bulldog struts down Wilton Drive sporting a studded leather harness while a freshly washed poodle emerges wearing her new “Sunday Funday” t-shirt. There are plenty of places on “The Drive” for people to get a bite, a drink, and a little pampering. Now there’s a place for their fur babies to do the same. Welcome to WagPride.

The new pet boutique just opened at 2031A Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL, from the dream co-founders, Lee Ginsberg and Mark Winner. “WagPride is a new experience for Wilton Manors. It’s a pet boutique that caters toward pet people who love their animals,” Mark told OutClique. “We’re pet parents, and we’ve lived in the community for over four years. There’s nothing close that’s focused on the community like WagPride.”

White Sparkle Harness
White Sparkle Harness | Photo Courtesy of Wag Pride
Black Ostrich Dog Harness
Black Ostrich Dog Harness | Photo Courtesy of Wag Pride

Mark and Lee are currently pet parents to three rescues; a Shiba Inu mix named Sookie, Charlie is a Pitbull-Labrador mix, and Greyson is a Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix. After having dogs for 20 years, they wanted a place they would want to visit with their pets. “We’ve always had an ambition to do something we really have a passion for. We wanted to do something we would enjoy, but also do something good for the community, and for the dogs.”

WagPride is more than a place to pick up a bag of food and a quick treat. Will White is the Director of Procurement and gets to spend his days looking for unique, cool pet products. “We wanted the basics, but we also wanted stuff that would be unique, and stand out. Dog wine and dog beer, hello! Who doesn’t want to have a drink with their dog?” The pet drinks are non-alcoholic, but the fun is 100 proof.

PetWine Champayne
PetWine Champayne | Photo Courtesy of Wag Pride
PetWinery Grigio
PetWinery Grigio | Photo Courtesy of Wag Pride

There is also a quiet, self-serve bath station in the back so you can get your pup fresh and clean without worrying about them getting spooked by loud noises or other pets coming and going.

WagPride also has cute clothes for cats and dogs. The type of fun shirt you could see on someone at brunch now comes in pet sizes. Because they try to source locally, WagPride also has beds, dental products, and treats you won’t necessarily find at big-box pet stores. That’s part of their plan to not only be in the community, but also be part of the community. Lee says they’re here to be a member of this and, eventually, similar gay-friendly cities. “We’re certified diverse LGBTQ. We wanted to create not just this one store in Wilton Manors, but eventually a store that you could find in P’town, or Key West or Palm Springs.” The WagPride team comes from the information technology industry, but says their passion is with pets. Lee says they plan to work with local shelters to promote pet adoption and give to other cute and cuddly causes.

Sunday Funday T-Shirt
Sunday Funday T-Shirt | Photo Courtesy of Wag Pride

Because they’re local, Mark and Lee want every pet parent to know what they see in the store is something they would have in their own home. “We really take pride in our dogs, they’re part of our family. We’re not going to have stuff in that store; food, toys, even grooming, that wouldn’t be something we wouldn’t give to our own dogs.”


You can find some of the pet products they’ve found by going to their website at