Make Your Journey Yours
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Make Your Journey Yours

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By Ty Dorce

On your everlasting journey to fitness, pushing yourself is key. This isn’t a journey to last a month, it is for a lifetime. There are some key factors that cannot be ignored. Balance. Do you have a balance between your physical health and your mental health? Personal advancement. Are you setting new goals in your life? Training. Is your trainer or coach helping you reach new levels?

As a society, we are focused on our outer appearance. It is important to look and feel our best for ourselves. Of course, keeping our body healthy is a key component but how about your mental health? What are we doing to maintain a healthy space between our ears? It is just as, if not, more important than any journey we are on. Once we get out of balance, we sway the pendulum too far to the other side, which forces us to lapse on the whole. Spend as much time exercising your brain to be strong as we do our bodies. Do not believe the negative stuff you tell yourself when you are involved in an internal battle, fight, and conquer positive thoughts that benefit you.

Along your fitness routine, are you pushing yourself to another level? Your body will get used to doing the same thing. You must set goals for your personal advancement. Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, strength or overall performance, you must do more. Don’t focus on other’s goals as they do not pertain to you. It is great to have a camaraderie in your group fitness class. That does not mean to lose sight of your personal journey. If you can’t swing a 20 pound kettlebell, pick up a 10 pound. No one is judging you. Each of us is there to focus on themselves. And if there is judgment, who cares. That’s on them.

There is not a good coach or trainer in the world that is going to lambaste you. There is a science to this fitness thing. Your body does not get better by just training alone, the push is to get better by recovering from training. Your muscles cannot take a constant beat down. As we train, your muscles are worked to the point of exhaustion. It is in the recovery period that we build. The recovery period is key, your body then develops a new baseline which allows you to take your fitness journey to a new, higher level.

In closing, you are in charge of your thoughts, take control to live a healthy life. We may not always be happy but we can always be content where we’re at, that is a choice only you can make.