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Looking to the New

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

I am thoroughly enjoying the 2020 Olympics (taking place now in late July 2021 as I write this).  Postponed due to the Coronavirus, the athletes waited an entire year to compete.  A lifetime of training, anticipation, and work, put on hold due to the unprecedented global pandemic.  

Now, today in Tokyo, Japan, they are swimming, jumping, rowing, fencing, and all kinds of athletic activities.  Although there may be few spectators, the athletes are still able to compete for the gold.  They have not been held back. 

What’s holding you back from your goals?  You only have one health journey.  For me recently, that has included working with Ferdinand Cabrera, MD and Dimitri Bakoulis at Genesis Health Institute here in Wilton Manors FL.  Better nutrition, exercise, testosterone therapy, Vitamin C IV therapy, are just a few of the options they have to help create a better you (and me).

Check out Dr. Cabrera’s approach to Patient Centered Medicine and how they can help you – make 2021 your year.  

Visit them at, 1001 NE 26th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, or call (954) 561-3175.