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The Month of Love

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

As I am writing this, two milestones are finally here. First is our presidential inauguration. The change that so many have waited for is finally upon us. No matter what your beliefs or political affiliation, our nation will and must have its peaceful transfer of power. 

The second is the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. The much anticipated “shot in the arm” is making its way across the nation and globe.

But what have we learned during this past year and past four years? Has it made us a better people? Have we learned a higher level of love that does not envy, boast, or be proud? Have we learned not to dishonor others, be self-seeking, easily angered, or keep a record of wrongs? 

When I saw what happened at our nation’s capital, I was personally horrified. Before her retirement, my mother (also the magazine’s Chief Copy Editor), worked for the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Committee. Part of her job was to go to the capitol building in Frankfort and meet with the House and Senate legislators. When I watched the coverage on television and heard of staff having to hide under tables while the angry protestors banged on the door nearby, I thought to myself, “What if that was my mother on the floor, having to protect herself?”

Think for a moment if you had a family member there that day. Imagine if your mother, father, sibling, child, or partner were in a building that was being overrun with violence.

But, this is February, a month we celebrate love. Let us use this opportunity to move away from the anger and bitterness over the past few years. Because remember, love never fails. It always trusts, it always hopes, and it always perseveres.

Be the love you want to see in the world.

All the best,

Steven O. Evans, PhD