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All Things New

By Steven O. Evans, Phd

It’s finally here – 2021. As I write this, I am amazed at how this past year has changed every person and nation in our world. The political, cultural, economic, environmental, and public health challenges all culminated into a global crisis unlike we have seen in human history.

Take a look around though. We have survived. Yes, it was not without pain and for many continues to be so. My partner and I watched a special program by the Broadway performers and staff who are still unable to work, many still needing food, rent, and heat for the winter months in New York. Among others, Vanessa Williams put out the call to help those in need.

Friends, whatever you are going through, stay encouraged. Find the silver lining(s) of 2020. They may be difficult to discover, but they are there, I promise.

What brings you joy? Write them down daily if you have to. The New Year is always a time for resolutions. What are your goals for 2021? It’s the time to create the life you want to have and be the person you want to be.

So, this year be safe, be happy, be content. But, most of all, just be you.

Happy New Year from all of us at OutClique magazine. We are proud to be part of the great things to come.

All the best,