2019 Estimate of Taxable Values
Photo Courtesy of Marty Kiar’s office

2019 Estimate of Taxable Values

The preliminary 2019 property values will be posted on our website at www.BCPA.net on June 1, 2019. Florida law requires our market values be a year in arrears meaning we use the qualified sales of comparable properties from January 1, 2019 back through January 2, 2018 for the 2019 property assessments. If you purchased your property in 2019, your 2019 purchase price will be used in setting your property’s 2020 market value. Our office will be mailing the 2019 TRIM (proposed tax) Notices to all Broward property owners in mid-August. This notice will show your property’s 2019 market value, assessed/Save Our Homes value, tax-saving exemptions, and proposed tax rates as set by the various taxing authorities.

Did You Have Homestead Exemption on One Home and Purchase Another?

If you had Homestead Exemption on a property in 2017 or 2018 and have purchased a new permanent residence in Florida, please make sure you have applied for both Homestead Exemption and Portability at your new residence. Portability allows you to transfer the savings you built up by having Homestead Exemption on any Florida property to another Homesteaded property in Florida. To transfer the Save Our Homes benefit, you must establish a Homestead Exemption at the new home within two years of January 1 of the year you sold or moved from the old homestead (not two years of the sale or move date). Note: a Portability application transfers the savings you have earned, but it does not automatically transfer your Homestead Exemption. You must apply for both Homestead Exemption on your new home and complete a Portability application. The Portability application can be found on our website at www.BCPA.net/Forms/DR501T2009.PDF. For questions regarding Homestead Exemption, Portability, or any of the available tax-saving exemptions, please call our customer service representatives at (954) 357-6830.

The absolute last deadline to file for all 2019 exemptions is September 18, 2019.

If my office can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (954) 357-6904 or by email at MartyKiar@BCPA.net.

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Marty Kiar, CFA