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John Hayden


A career entertainment journalist, John has interviewed more than 1,000 of the biggest stars in television, movies, and music. They include Rob Lowe, Kelly Clarkson, Robert Downey, Jr, Chris Evans, and even Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, though not at the same time. John’s known for putting celebrities at ease and asking insightful questions that bring out unique perspectives from Hollywood’s brightest stars. He’s covered everything from American Idol finals to red carpet premieres, and even watched a movie with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

John’s worked in television, online, and print. He is the Managing Editor of Critics Cocktail, which mixes two of his favorite things: entertainment and alcohol. As a contributor to OutClique, John engages with our local celebrities, the people who make our community thrive, as well as the stars that swing by light up our local entertainment scene.