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Voudou Juice: Origins

By Joseph A. Federico

Voudou Juice, Joseph Federico’s breakout novella, originally published in spring of 2017, is not for the faint of heart. Its twists and turns through eighteenth-century New Orleans and run-ins with the darkest of creatures will have you begging for the light of day. And besides, who doesn’t appreciate some otherworldly sexual appetite?

Voudou Juice: Origins is a sequel to the original novella. It follows Cody Shrine, III on a fantastical journey back to the roaring ’20s. He’s faced with his own mortality and must come to terms with his own repressed sexual orientation.

The following outlines two imperative excerpts from the upcoming publication, Voudou Juice: Origins. Enjoy and happy reading.

Yes, those salty lips and the faint tickling feeling of blonde stubble on Cody’s tongue drove him insane in seconds flat.

      The two came up for air and only for a brief moment to surround sound giggling like youngsters.

      They went in for the kill again, only this time, hands wandered into each other’s pants.

      Now, it wasn’t the warmest of days, but the heat was definitely turned on in this newfound relationship.

      “Hey, fellas!” Gloria called from down the block. “Ya comin’, or what? The party’s gonna start and I don’t wanna miss the free hooch and my grand entrance.”

      The boys laughed again, pulled their hands out of each other’s pockets and ran towards the floozie’s voice.

The house the small group approached was monstrous and decorated professionally. Purple, green and gold metallic streamers were strung intricately from the old antebellum columns and matching metallic balloons waved against faint candlelight that wafted from the courtyard.

      “Well, fellas . . .” Gloria spoke first. “Who’s gonna go in? I ain’t gonna wait one more minute for you, Jimmie. It’s time for business.” She dropped her link of pearls and walked past the boys.

      The two turned to each other in bewilderment, smiled curiously, then Elliott nudged Cody toward the dimly lit hallway with a pat on his cute little ass.

      Gloria giggled then passed black glittery masks to her accomplices. The threesome tied the mysterious silk facades to their coiffed heads and simultaneously grabbed champagne to get the party started.

      A live band could faintly be heard down the second hallway; the beat of “The Charleston” improved and matched their heart rates with each anticipated step.

Joseph A. Federico is a self-taught author and journalist. After “publishing” his first newspaper in the ’90s, headlining a story about Santa Claus’s midnight ride with then-popular, Swamp Thing, Federico’s family knew he had a journalistic knack. Having been published in magazines such as Debonair, Steppin’ Out and Canada’s premier South Asian magazine, Darpan, Joseph covers topics ranging from wedding fair, fashion trends and men’s health issues. He currently owns and operates Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC and its subsidiary, a marketing consulting firm, under the name of Anchors To Dusk Media.