Photos by OutClique Magazine


Tim House and Tim Adams are a Cleaning Powerhouse

By John M. Hayden

They say cleanliness is next to godliness. But for some things, cleanliness is next to impossible! That’s where Tim Adams and Tim House come in. With nearly sixty years of cleaning experience between them, they’ve been keeping South Florida homes squeaky clean for decades.

Sure, we all grab a can of polish and a bottle of glass cleaner and run an overused rag over our furniture. But we all know that only gets it clean-ish. Tim and Tim go where we don’t wanna go: deep in the crevices, the corners of the baseboards, the too-hard-to-reach inside of a bathroom faucet.

Tim House specializes in floors. We walk all over ’em, he comes in and cleans ’em. “People should have their carpets cleaned every four months, especially if they have pets,” he says. “Upholstery should be cleaned twice a year.” And if tile is more your style, he provides TLC for that, too. “Floor care is important. You bring stuff in from outside everyday. People walk barefoot. The oil from your feet get things dirty. So you want to keep it clean because sometimes the floors are porous if they’re not treated with sealer on the tiles.”

And he’s not just about your inside floors. Mr. House also comes to the rescue for outside mold, and power washings for awnings and fences.

After 28 years, he’s seen everything. And his most memorable job, was a dirty job. “A sewage backup. Flooded like five units. I was there for a week. Raw sewage. It was all over everyone’s floors, their furniture. It was all over the backyard. It was hard to get rid of.” Clearly if he can deal with that, he can deal with your mess.

His partner in clean, Tim Adams, targets the rest of your home. “I do all the cleaning top to corners I do it all.” He also focuses on the thing many of us dread cleaning the most: bathrooms. He also gets down and cleans the baseboards that attract and don’t let go. And that’s just one of his services. “House sitting, pet sitting, and anything you need I can do. Need someone to watch over projects or reorganize kitchens. Moving in or out, I get them done.” Plus he’s a notary.

And if you’ve been doing some remodeling at home, they’re ready to come in and tag team the cleanup. “We wipe down the walls, clean the floors, the windows, the bathrooms. Get your house back in top shape. The fine dust gets in your furniture, it gets everywhere.”

Even with so many talents, there is one that makes them stand out above other cleaning services, they’re reliable. We’ve all had contractors show up late, if they show up at all. The Tims pride themselves on being different. “We’re reliable, dependable,” Tim House says. “There’s a lot of people out there that don’t show up. We’re not flaky. You call us, we’re there.”