‘Tis the Season for First Impressions

‘Tis the Season for First Impressions

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By Kip Reynolds

So you’re looking to sell or refinance your home. Maybe you just want to increase the value of a recently purchased property or you bought bare-bones and want luxury. It’s possible and you can do much of it yourself with some simple tips that will really pay off.

Begin by going through that mental list of “honey do” items and write them down. Then tackle the list. Dripping faucet? Shower that needs caulking? Squeaky hinges? Loose hinges? Homeowners often overlook many minor repairs, putting them off until later, but a prospective home buyer will notice quickly. First impressions are paramount when selling real estate and it’s often the little things that tip the scale.

Realtors, property managers, and investors can tell you one thing for certain: a fresh coat of paint will revitalize any space. You don’t have to go bold. Neutral colors are best and help make a space look clean and updated. You can affordably purchase enough paint to cover every room of the house and buy all the supplies you need. So hit the home improvement store, invite some friends over for painting and pizza, and before you know it the job is done.

Many homes need some updates and upgrades to help raise value. Be sure to ask your Realtor if a permit needs to be pulled before making any moves. Many tasks are mostly cosmetic like that gorgeous salmon-colored sink. You can even tackle minor electrical issues such as converting a non-grounded outlet to grounded. Change all those burnt out light bulbs too! Perhaps a closet system to give your storage spaces a more modern flair.

Clutter can make it difficult and distracting to sell your house. Cluttered cabinets, closets, floors, and even too much furniture can draw attention away from all the features that make your home valuable. Decluttering and organizing your living space shows that you’ve cared for the property and strong evidence of well utilized space. When it comes to adding value, clutter is not only a problem indoors but also outdoors.

Walk or drive by your house and try to get a clear idea of what is lacking. Ask a friend or your Realtor for input on your “curb appeal.” Again, this is key for that first impression and really enhances a stronger perception of value. Rent a power washer for a long weekend. This will surely breathe new life into siding, bricks, tile roofs, sidewalks, and driveways. Plant flowers and shrubs, or purchase potted plants to beautify the front door or porch. Pull weeds, mow grass with nice edges along walkways. Consider a fresh color on the front door for that special pop to catch a buyer’s eye.

Although the purchase of your home is likely one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of life, selling your home is just as tricky. If there is anything you should take from this article it’s first impressions mean everything to bringing value to your home. Be sure to protect your investment and seek the advice of a real estate professional to help you achieve the highest level of success and realize your home’s greatest potential. I wish you a happy holiday season and a fruitful new year.

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