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The Cabanas Spa

More Than Your Typical Afternoon

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Before I moved to Florida, I stayed at the Cabanas Guesthouse. I knew from my first visit that I wanted to move to Fort Lauderdale. As much as I am a Kentucky boy at heart, and always will be, this felt like a place I wanted to call “home.”

The Cabanas was an amazing resort with comfortable guest rooms, two relaxing pools, and waterfront views. But now the resort also offers its guests and other visitors it’s Spa experience. Spa Cabanas began with its opening on the grounds of The Cabanas Guesthouse in August of 2008. They will be celebrating the 10th year anniversary thanking the great clients that have made them one of the top spas of Wilton Manors. As the sole owner and operator, Norman Lachance has grown The Spa. Recently I had the total package of a manicure, a facial, microneedling, and a massage. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this day of relaxation is one you don’t want to miss.

My afternoon started with Jimmy Cohen and a manicure. Jimmy has been with the Spa for four years. He is a Paramedical Aesthetician and he gave my hands a complete makeover with a trim, cuticle clean up, and a good buff. Not to mention a cute guy held my hands for half an hour.

After, I then had an amazing facial that included advanced micro-needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. The process utilizes advanced technology and a minimally invasive treatment which uses the body’s own immune response to induce collagen and re-incorporate growth factors and stem-cells to regenerate lost tissue. This helps to reduce wrinkles, minimize lines around the eyes, and stimulate cellular production. The results are impressive given it is a no pain procedure.

And who doesn’t love a good massage? I progressed to an hour with Gabriel Rodriquez. Gabriel uses traditional massage techniques, while stressing communication with his clients. He was trained in Puerto Rico and is best known for his Deep Tissue massage. The thought of being in an amazing resort, just off the intracoastal waterways, and having an hour of no cell phones, no stress, and worries of the world, was a much needed time of rejuvenation.

Spa Cabanas has one of the most skilled teams of LMT’s in the area. Oscar Gomez, Mario Martinez, Gabriel Rodriguez, Christian Pérez, and Inigo Valencia are available for all your massage needs. They specialize in both Deep Tissue and Swedish relaxation massage techniques. Spa Cabanas is a full service spa featuring massage, exfoliation, facials, mani-pedis, waxing, and trimming. Visit or call (954) 565-2307 for more information.