Testosterone Therapy for Men

Testosterone Therapy for Men

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In a world where science and medicine keep advancing at unprecedented rates, the discovery that men suffer from hormone unbalance comes as no surprise. Andropause, known as male menopause, begins affecting men in their mid-thirties when testosterone levels start decreasing gradually by approximately 2% annually. This leaves an average man in his 50’s with only about 35% of his original highest level. Luckily, there’s an effective solution: Bio-Identical Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Lower levels of Testosterone manifest through a number of physical, mental and emotional symptoms including:

▪    Increase in body fat, especially around the waistline

▪    Decrease in muscle mass

▪    Feeling tired or not motivated much of the time

▪    Diminished sexual performance or loss of sex drive

▪    Irritability, sleep disturbances, some level of depression

▪    Memory loss, lack of concentration

Historically, these symptoms have been considered part of the “normal” aging process. But they really don’t need to be. While there is no way of slowing down aging, the effects of it can be drastically changed.

Men suffering from lower levels of testosterone benefit greatly from Bio-Identical Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Using cutting-edge technology, Dr. Cabrera of the Genesis Health Institute begins treatment with simple blood tests to assess a patient’s baseline testosterone level. “The medically accepted normal range is fairly broad, between 200-1200,” say’s Cabrera. “Our goal is to optimize our patients’ levels to the higher end of the normal range. By doing so, our patients realize optimal benefits including increased lean muscle, decreased body fat, more energy, greater sexual appetite and arousal, greater thought and memory process, better restful sleep and most importantly, a better overall feeling of well-being.”

The Genesis Health Institute uses only Bio-Identical Testosterone meaning the molecular structure of the hormone is biologically identical to what the human body naturally produces. Testosterone therapy is available at Genesis in topical, injectable and pellet delivery systems. All therapies are medically supervised with regular blood work and doctor follow up visits to ensure the benefits of treatment are being realized.

All men feeling the symptoms described in this article are invited to call the Genesis Health Institute at 954-561-3175 and schedule a complimentary consultation with their patient coordinator. He will be able to provide more information about this very affordable therapy, as well as other age management therapies, which are all designed to increase quantity and most importantly quality of life!

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