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Photo Courtesy of Michael Murphy Photographic

Pink Sub & Catering and FabScout

Out and Providing Meals for Our Community

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

These times of crisis have brought out some of the best in people. Dawn Holloway of Pink Sub & Catering and Howard Andrew from FabScout Entertainment have been working together to provide free, hot meals to our community. Each week at various locations, they and their teams have distributed hundreds of hot meals. Drive by. No touch. No questions asked. And maybe best of all, cheerful smiles.

I’ve been in touch with Dawn and Howard about this project. They have been so excited about being able to just give back to our community in this time of need.

I have been onsite almost every time, and the joy that they express cannot be described. I went by just this past week. Their smiles (even behind the masks) made my day.

Dawn said, “It really is time to give back to people who have taken care of us. The one thing we can do is feed people.”

The next give back (as of this writing) will be Friday and dedicated to Roy Rollins who recently passed.

Contact Dawn or Howard on Facebook® about how to participate.